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shell has 7 new permits within 2 miles of my property in tioga county.


I get daily e-mails from DEP that show any permit activity for Tioga County for O&G. It is easy to sign up for and you can do it for the whole County or by different Townships. There seems to be a fair amount of permit activity by SWEPI - Shell - or at least more than last Summer and Fall I thnk.

Jim & N Bohl, Thanks for comments. I started post to see what people are hearing. To my knowledge Shell has not filed for permits in these area's (townships) or at least this number of permits in many months and/or a year or two?

N. Bohl --  Interesting... Would you kindly provide the web address?  

Hi Ruby - Here is the web address - - you will have to create a user id and then just navigate. It is easy to use and I think I have been getting the daily e-mails for about 5 years or so. Once a permit is applied for it may be updated by the state many, many times - so a lot of the e-mail notices I get are just updates in the process and not new permits but it shows pretty much everything as it goes along.

Many thanks!   Much appreciated.  I'll check it out. 

Probably, wishful thinking to conclude that 29 permits means more than the current slow development pace.  Most of newer permits are 6 (or 7) per well pad.

Plus, there is this news:
"Shell slashes spending by 20 percent

Royal Dutch Shell said it will cut its spending by a fifth and permanent staff and contractors in its U.S. onshore and gas exploration business by 30 percent as the company struggles to profit from the shale boom.

In its annual report, filed Thursday with the Securities and Exchange Commission, CEO Ben van Beurden said 2013 proved to be a challenging year for the company. In 2013, the company lost $900 million in its upstream Americas unit. ...

For 2014, van Beurden said tight-gas and liquids-rich shale will have a different role in the company's strategy.

"We now see them as an opportunity for the longer term rather than the immediate future. We are reducing the number of these opportunities in our North American portfolio as we strive to improve our financial performance," he said. ..."
Pittsburgh Business Times - 3/14/2014

the 7 permits near me are 3 for one unit and 4 for another.



If you check DEP's website closer, many are just renewals of already existing permits, that were near expiration. Just saying not all the permits being reported are "New".... not to mention all the existing permitted sites that are nothing more than a fancy "parking lot" with a pilot hole on it and a mail box with a sign .... and they've been that way for years.... and appear to be that for more years to come, the permits need to be renewed on a regular interval for E&S, etc, etc,.... which is no big deal to Shell or any of the others they already have all the landowner tied to a fictitious  "UNIT" and the ridiculous concept that the well site is "Under production" for all these years, when it hasn't produced anything, and there's no pipeline anywhere near it.  I'd like to see a water well driller get away with the concept of a "producing well" that generates no water, doesn't have a pump or pipeline...... Yeah, I'll bet the Courts would side with the driller on that idea.... None of us would have water under that scenario....

According to the more recent permit applications, SWEPI's upcoming area of concentration is Richmond Twp.  Shell's new CEO has said they intend to fix it (Marcellus holdings) or divest.  The question is who would be interested in buying Shell's (Tioga County) business?    My guess as to the "best fit" is National Fuel Gas/Seneca,   But I have no idea if NFG would be interested or have the financial ability.  



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