Is there any current activity in Wayne County?  Thanks in advance!!

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Wishgard is having meetings in Wooster tonight and Saturday.  Not that that's anything to celebrate.

Dear God, Wishgard still exists?  How have they not been run out of town by angry landowners with pitchforks?  Those guys give snake oil salesmen a bad name.

The people of Wayne county (well, most of them) haven't had the displeasure of dealing with them yet.

Let's hope none of them do.


Not only does Wishgard exist.  They are one of the only companies that have issued checks since October 2011.  You 4 guys on go marcellus have tried your best to slander them, but anybody who deals with them usually gets paid and appreciates the honesty and education they provide.  They admit to selling their leases for profit.  Isn't that what all companies do?

How many of those landowners had attorneys present at the signing? Thats what I thought...0. And, like I've said before...if their lease is so great
post it so we can critique it.

I know that your post is a couple of weeks old, however, I have to agree with you. I have worked with Wishgard in two different counties, Geauga and Ashtabula, and hope to soon in Medina and Loraine. I have very good leases, good bonuses and good gross royalties. I have been paid and in one case the check was delivered in person by the landman. The people that are badmouthing them has probably never met or worked with them and have formed an opinion from people that have never worked with them. I will now be told and accused that I work for Wishgard but am ready to produce my leases if needed. I am only wriring this because they have gotten a bad rapp from cerain people that want you to think that they are experts in the leasing world but in reality they have no freaking idea what they are talking about. I just wanted to share my experience.Thanks...

I'm 100% sure you don't work for Wishgard.  Your experience with them was a good one and I'm honestly happy for you.  My dealing with them was a total disaster and I wouldn't trust them if they said that the ocean was wet.  Are they leasing in Medina county?  You mentioned that you hoped to deal with them up there and I wondered what their presence was like.

I don't believe they are active in Medina or Loraine Counties at this time. But I am led to believe that they maybe later this year or next. 

Rumor has it that Wishgard has been offering up to $2,750/acre.

I'm curious what they're basing that off of.  The main buyer in that part of the state would end up being Devon who is notoriously cheap when it comes to buying third party leases.  Has anyone actually received payment from Wishgard yet?

..."Devon who is notoriously cheap when it comes to buying third party leases."

I guess we know why MFC and other lease holders didn't sell their leases to Devon in Richland & Ashland's not gambling if your holding a royal flush.


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