Supposedly, Williams is ready to move the rigs off of Ushak's and Androstic's any time now.  Anyone out there know which well site each of those rigs is moving to?  I talked to one of the guy's on site but he said he didn't know where they were moving. 

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Hi Carol.  I dont know for sure but I see they've been working at the Roger Frye farm for at least a couple of weeks.  That may be where they are moving one of the rigs.
Thanks Michelle.  I just listened to part of Rex's year end/fourth quarter conference call and reviewed the presentation.  Here's what I found - it looks like there has been a decrease in 2011 drilling plans for our area.  Rig 480 is moving to Marco's next but only drilling 3 instead of the planned 5 wells.  Rig 287 is moving to National Metals and only drilling 2 of 8 wells before moving on to Frye, Skacel, and McBroom.  Each of those units seems to be scheduled for only 2 wells this year.  Rex's presentation is at   Williams conference call for year end and fourth quarter is scheduled for tomorrow, 2/17/11. 
The McBroom well pad has been permitted as well now.  Looks like the Skacel pad will be next.  I wish I knew how many units those three pads are going to be.  By my estimates it could be 3 units around 500 acres or 2 really large units.  Hopefully I am in in one of them!  I am not very happy with the lesser amount of wells they are drilling though.  In Rex's conference call I heard them say they have Plan A wells, then they will come back and drill there Plan B wells...obviously to get the acreage HBP first.

Did Williams mention anything about Westmoreland county in their conference call?  I didn't see or hear anything about their Marcellus wells in the annual/year end presentation.  I think Rex's report may be incorrect - we talked to the guys drilling and they said 5 on Marco's and 8 on National Metals.  I hope Rex is incorrect.  Did anyone notice the new Range Resources billboard on Rte 981 going into  Latrobe?  Interesting - they don't have any wells in this area that I'm aware of anyway.

I didn't hear Williams say much at all about the Marcellus in their conference call. I didn't have time to listen to the whole question and answer but from what i did hear no one asked specific questions about Westmoreland. Williams was very vague on purpose. I just don't understand why. I was driving around and saw stakes going through Skacels field that said Frye Lateral...but it ended at the Bergman compressor site so I think they were just marking pipeline.

I did notice that Range bill board. Maybe they are going after Unity Township.
I also noticed that the National Metals South unit (on the recorder of deeds website) is under XTO, Williams, Rex, and Summit.  When did XTO and Summit come into the picture? 

Summit bought around 10% of Rex's share.  XTO has one parcel in the unit under lease.  I am wondering if XTO and Williams just came to an agreement there....and Williams will send them a check for the  gas. 


Looks like they will be getting ready to move the rig to the National Metals pad soon.  I saw some big trucks down there today unloading equipment. 


Carol, will you be able to watch whats going on at the Marco Pad from your house? 

I can't actually see the rig from my house, but it's not a long walk through one field to be able to see it.  We've already visited the site while they were drilling the starter holes for the wells. 

We thought the next rig was coming to Marco's but you're right, it's heading to National Metals any day now.  It could be there now for all I know.  I'm in Texas this week.  I've been waiting months to see those two rigs move and it will probably be done while I'm away for a few days. 

Hey is anyone aware that the Nationals Metals pads are going to be split down the center to form two seperate units (North And South units). Im pretty sure that they are going to be drilling half the laterals for each unit from that pad to start. It  seems like everytime Nationals Metals is brought up, people are refering to a singular unit, if anyone has anything to add plz post.  Thanks
The rig on the androstic pad is moving to national metals tonight. I drove by and took a couple pics. I have no idea how they are going to move that down Androstic Rd.

Why didn't Rex have any plans after Marco's for the other rig? I hope they don't put it somewhere else.
I knew I would miss the move!  Hopefully I'll get to see the move to Marco's. 


I don't understand what they are doing with the National Metals units.  The unit that is recorded (South) is 556 acres and goes towards New Derrry.  I am waiting to see the other National Metals Unit when it is recorded on the Westmoreland County recorder of deeds website.  That seems odd that they are going to split the well pad - if you look at the map for the South unit, it includes the entire pad.  I'm going to contact DCNR for the drilling maps, if you want copies when I get them, send me an email through this site.




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