Supposedly, Williams is ready to move the rigs off of Ushak's and Androstic's any time now.  Anyone out there know which well site each of those rigs is moving to?  I talked to one of the guy's on site but he said he didn't know where they were moving. 

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Try calling Susan Oliver, Community Representative at Williams. She should be able to give you the name and number of the current landman for our area. I did have two phone numbers for landmen but I was told they no longer work for Williams. Susan's number is 412-865-1735 or email
Thank you Carol..
CAROL, a person stopped today, that is in your unit. he told me he was informed he will be getting his first royalty check this month. did you get the same info. i hope you guys do well.  the checks from williams comes in around the  26th of each month.
Frank, I already received my first royalty check - we had a 60 day clause in our lease and I kept calling until I finally received a check. I only know of one other person in my unit who received a check so far. the
Frank, Did the person receive their first royalty check? I don't know if any of my neighbors did or not. I received my second one - production was really low compared to the first check. Was the production on your well low for August?


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