I am wondering if any land owners in Westmoreland county who have not signed with a coumpany are forming a land owners group? We have close to 400 hundred aces but not signed.Does anybody know what the going dollar per acre and percentage rate is ? Or even what companies are active. We're on the Chestnut Ridge, same ridge as in Derry. Any information would be great.


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Thanks Dave and good luck to you also

Terasa Kline
Atlas is offering $3,500 an acre with 16% royalties. To get this deal you pretty much need to go through a landowners group that has formed.

Do you have a suggestion of a landowner group to join?


You can try the Dick Landowners Group to see if they are still open. We dealt with Deb Dick.  You can use Google to find them.


   I signed with Williams for $2500 an acre and 15%, Williams is drilling all round Derry and New Derry. I think they have about 8 to 10 units there, 4 are drilled, Williams is a great company, Williams has had no water problems, Drilling problems and have given money back to derry twp, I think $15,000 to the derry fire dept and $15,000 to school district. Williams landman tell you everything you need to know. I keep in touch with the landman that signed me, he is very helpful. I am not sure about Chestnut ridge.

myself, the  Dick land group, you better watch dealing with them, they might ruin your chance to being in a unit. the companies will work right around you. get involved with a landman or the company landman that has approached you. do sign right that day, but just talk to him, have him show you maps, who the company has lease around you. etc.. ask the landman how long he has been in the business, The William landman I talk to had 13yrs in the business, he answered all my questions and my attorneys questions. ask the landman if they are drilling platforms, I don't think Atlas is drilling platform wells. hope this helps, I did not know anything about this gas drilling until i talk to the William Landman.

 To J. Rossi;

It's great to hear that you did well with Williams, I have also heard only GOOD things about Williams.  How long ago did you sign with them?  I am not interested in any land groups now, that way I don't have to compermise I get what I think is best for me and my land you were right to steer clear of a landowners group

I signed about 8 months ago, they paid me before the 90 day order of payment. I was happy to see my bonus check in about 2months time, I am on the outside of one of there units they plan on drilling in a few months, but they plan on building a unit around me. need any help, let me know.

J. Rossi - which unit are you on the outside of? I was just wondering where their next unit will be. Is it the National Metals unit?
its a proposed unit as we speak, there is no name yet! landman told me when they find a possable well pad, they will name it. I am between 982 and 217.
are you sure it's not the Frye unit? They just applied for a permit for that one.
No, I know he was talking about the frye unit, there is going to be 3 more units built between Frye and National Metals South. One up on Pizza barn rd, the other off 982 north and east of pandora rd.


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