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It's What You Keep That Counts

There are many fine comments about royalties/bonus signup payments/pad size/payment deductions etc. but the bottom line always comes down to what's in the pot after all is said and done, for the landowner. There are also many issues about right of ways/contract language/misunderstanding etc., all reflecting the final amount left in the pot.

What I don't see enough of is the concerted effort to address the wrongs, to band together to speak with one voice, to make/take a stand about…


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It's Not About Up-Front Money

Dear All,

It's not the amount of money up front that you get, nor is it the royalty % that ought to rivet your attention. The real question is how much of whatever you get will you be able to keep? I just finished paying .43 cents on the dollar back to the government- that's a hefty bite out of the proceeds before any royalties have started to flow.

The expertise of knowledgeable accountants should have been sufficient. It was not. I have been getting all sorts of conflicting…


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Why the need for careful water analysis? With special thanks to Angel, the following is most troubling:



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Aquifer Contamination-Part 2

Dear Shalers,

In Part 1 of the Aquifer Contamination discussion we explored the pro's & con's of the proposed drilling that is expected, and seemed to have come to several observations:

1) Drilling is good for the economy and produces jobs and revenue

2) Drilling techniques have been used for a long time, and the fracing process is non-hazardous

3) The drilling can cause contamination when proper procedures are not followed

4) The companies doing the drilling are not… Continue

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Aquifer Contamination-Part 1

Dear Shalers,

I'm becoming more & more concerned about possible aquifer contamination, and wondered if we ought to be looking very carefully at what's going on.

N.Y.State has put an 18 month hold on the fracing process as it reviews the potential impact on its water resources/aquifer. Penn. has allowed the process to go on unchecked. Are we missing something here? Should we be more particular about how our leases are drafted to insure that we have some recourse should… Continue

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Lease legality

As I understand usual leases, all parties to the agreement sign. In a typical gas lease, the land owner signs, and is witnessed by the landsman. The actual oil/gas company doesn't sign. Does this make the lease either illegal, or less binding, or act as a weasel clause for the oil company to walk away from property/aquifer destruction claims? Clarification would be most appreciated.

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