There are many fine comments about royalties/bonus signup payments/pad size/payment deductions etc. but the bottom line always comes down to what's in the pot after all is said and done, for the landowner. There are also many issues about right of ways/contract language/misunderstanding etc., all reflecting the final amount left in the pot.

What I don't see enough of is the concerted effort to address the wrongs, to band together to speak with one voice, to make/take a stand about improper deductions/outright misrepresentations/downright lies.

This site was one of the first to try to help us all to get a handle on what was happening. Where are the folks who do the complaining but appear silenced when some money starts to trickle in? There ought to be some organized challenges going forward, but I really don't see that much. Every now and agin I do hear about a suit, but not too much after that.


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