Five Myths About Fracking -- Petroleum Professor Explains; Gasland Film Debunked

My first post as a new member of this forum, I am David M. Augenstein, MS, PE a chemical and environmental engineer in Stark County--but also a writer on food, vaccines, fluoride and other toxic issues. With this deposit I also introduce you to my Journal to continue on with this story.

A Professor Explains Five Myths About Fracking

A Health Department Spokesman Spreads Half-truths

Debunking the Gasland Film and Educational Videos — and other rational thoughts

Everything that is made, everything, must be first grown on the land or extracted from it– but products cannot be made without the energy resources to refine and manufacture them. Although food, health and environmental activists may be right on some things, too many of them are being misled on fracking . . . that is, the drilling and extracting of clean and abundant natural gas.

Water pollution fears? Why aren’t they screaming about dangerous industrial fluoride chemicals being released into their own water supplies?–hundreds of health science studies fully support the awful widespread health effects. If the anti-frackers became just a little educated on the subject of natural gas drilling, they might reverse their energies and help correct all the misinformation and disinformation. These opposers are not just your basic, grown-up hippie, an Occupyer needing a new cause or those green-utopia seekers fresh out of a university–they are also “normal” well-educated, well-meaning people you may work with or church with–maybe friends and family– and maybe even you.

Do the uninformed opposers recognize they daily use and enjoy the benefits of relatively cheap energy and thousands of petroleum-based products which their very lives and livelihoods depend upon? What we are really talking about is risk/benefit — does the real risks justify the real benefits? Could it possibly be that well-managed, natural-gas drilling, extraction, pipe-lining, distribution and use are extremely safe with huge benefits to all–and, all things considered, beneficial to human health and the environment?

Go to my Journal to continue on with this story and the short videos.

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