I would like info. on gas drilling in Dimock PA, I own land in Dimock and am an out of state land owner. I could add specifics on location of allowed in this discussion forum.

This may be a duplicate post and I don't see the original.

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What would you like to know?

I live in the area, and probably know about most of the activity.
I'll help if I can.
My land boarders Ratzel's in Dimock. His well has a horizitonal under ours. I heard they are 'fracking' his pipes now. Tell me what this means for him and myself. Thanks.
After the fracking is finished, there will be some piping work to connect the well to the gathering line into the Tennessee Gas Pipeline (which I would assume is complete by now). As the well produces gas, the water will be removed, and Cabot may "flare" the well before actually pumping it in the TGP. After about a month or two of production, during which time they will submit their unit plan to DEP, Cabot will send paperwork for you to sign (I'm assuming that you are leased with them), indicating that you accept their unitization. A short time later you would receive royalty checks based on the percentage of your land in the total unit acreage.

Hope this helps.
Thanks Hunter7775. I appreciate the info. What does 'flare' the well before pumping mean. How long does it take to 'frack' the pipes?
Being an out of state land owner I am kinda in the dark about things. Yes I do have a lease with Cabot.
The fracking operation usually takes 3 days of day and night operation. After it is done they set up special piping and apparatus to light the gas (flaring) and burn it into the atmosphere. It's quite a sight to see, with a flame burning 20 feet or so into the air. The time duration is from a few hours to several days, although it is not done with every well. From what I can understand, it is used to burn off water and impurities, and to give the operators an indication of the initial production they can expect. I've attached a picture of the flaring of a local well.
I too have lease in Dimock. Did you get notice from Cabot that you are in the pooling unititation. Before or after they started drilling on your neighbors land?
I got a notice from Cabot once the well was completed and they formed the units.
What's happening on Lathrops place now. Looks like lots of activety.
If you want information, contact Victoria Spitzer there in Dimock; She leased her land for drilling. Before you do this; get a lawyer to do the negotiating. I know everyone thinks they are going to get rich but the smart thing to do is contact people in Ohio, Texas and Wyoming who have leased their land because once you do you will have no control over what they do. I did not lease but I can hear the drone of the drill 4/7. Burning off gas is not " cool" it is toxic to the environment,. The gas will be gone quickly and what will be left in the wake: ruined landscape, poisoned wells and toxic waste water. They use billions of gallons of water mixed with toxic chemicals. Where do you think that goes when they are done? Into big vats where it dries and blows all over the land and in the air. Anyone who thinks gas drilling is safe for the environment is dreaming. There are already twenty poisoned wells in Dimock. Check it out yourself on-line. It is your decision whether you care about clean air, water and wildlife or not but know this; the value of the real estate will collapse after Cabot is finished out there. I am not making this up. Do research and get the facts. Talk to Victoria and see what she says, she lives on Carter Road.
Gosh Carolyn, tell us what you really think!

Burning a little gas via flare is no worse than bar-b-quing on the old gas grill! And b-b-b-b-billions of gallons of water mixed with toxic chemicals! The chemicals are added in pretty low quantities and are pumped down 6-7000 feet underground. You getting your water from that deep??

Direct evidence of these 20 poisoned wells being directly impacted by a gas well?

And if the waste water is evaporated that leaves the chemical to be disposed of. If any of it is evaporated with the water, it would be disbursed across a very wide area, thereby diluting the concentration to almost nil.
Mark is right Carolyn, your'e an idiot. Its ok because, his brain is bigger than yours, which because you are only a woman, its science. This is closer to the truth than your statement.
Since the original question came from an out-of state landowner, I'd like to add some rational thinking to this discussion. I'll not repeat what has already been said, refer to the comments here:

I'd simply add that the situation mentioned on Carter road is an isolated event, not the norm. The above post mentions an article which quotes the mandated protector of the environment, DEP's Craig Lobins, as saying "Last year we permitted 8000 wells, and this may be the only incident that occurred".

The water/sand/chemical mix that is injected for fracking is 90% water, 9.9% sand and .1% chemicals, most of which are common household products. For an open-minded, non-emotional look at the environmental impacts of gas drilling and fracking see this link:


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