Was just looking for a little feedback on Eclipse. I see where they are signing and paying well to groups like EMLO but has anybody had any dealings with the directly? We signed with them the end of July for our property in Green township and the 120 days is up in the next couple days. We have not heard anything (good or bad) from them since we signed and I was just wondering whether to be getting nervous about not getting a check or excited that it could be coming any day. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Mr. Alleman, if you'll email me directly at mwright@eclipseresources.com, I'll give you an update on your lease status... 

WOW that is good customer service!!

Eclipse is located in State College Pa...that means they have to be good!

Virgil, We signed with Eclipse seven months ago.  Received signing Bonus within ninety days as per lease agreement.  Try not to be nervours.  We find them to be responsive, professional and respectful.  Best of luck!!


Did you look at your lease to see if that is 120 business days?

Our leases always designate the pay periods in calendar days, not business days.  If the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, the date to tender falls to the next non-weekend or non-holiday.  For example, if the lease were due to be paid tomorrow, Dec 1, the payment will be tendered Monday, Dec 3. 

Marilou ... you are great ... Eclipse is so lucky to have you and you are keeping up with what is going on!! You are great as well as your company!! We are very pleased ... keep up the good work and the one on one replys!!

Sure appreciate that!  Always let us know if you've got questions or concerns and we'll do our best to resolve any issues.  We've got great lessors and we appreciate you!

Wow, I am impressed, With all these attorneys, Brokers & Former landmen telling us how horrible it is to deal with the O&G companies this is refreshing, We all have seen people on here asking about payments from other companies such as Carrizzo, Shell, BP & others with no response or help at all even direct and Eclipse reaches out & and answers here, That is great Customer service & a good reason why they are proving that signing a lease with them appears to be a good Idea.

It's difficult, with the larger companies, to get a live human on the phone, or the right department, or certainly the same person you talked to the last time you called.  That's the nature of the beast, unfortunately, whether it's the cell phone company or a major oil and gas company or the cable company.  If you can ever get a person's name or extension, it's like gold!


We may not always meet the landowner's expectations, but we certainly to be as helpful and respectful as possible.   


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