Signed a lease in may with gulfport energy freeport twp. harrison county, was just wondering if gulfport honored the majority of their leases or do they surrender alot of them, they have 120 days from time of signing, haven't heard anything. . .do we just wait for a check to come in the mail?

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Waiting would be prudent.  They do have the 120 days.  By the way care to share the details of your offer?  Sharing information is how we can help each other help ourselves.  I can tell you that through the flippers "Greenwood....." a Monroe county group has been offered 5.8K and 20% to Gulfport.

Can't give exact details since we have signed the lease, but those numbers are in the ballpark

how many acres and in what section?  Did you receive an Order of Payment?    Did you sign directly with Gulfport or through a third party? 

88 acres, 1 mile SW of freeport, said would be a check, original lease we signed was  directly from gulfport but the landsman who handled  the signing was 3rd party, with all the recently surrendered leases in other areas just concerned this may not go through

If you are in need of services I have a guy who can help.  Most likely in that location you will get paid.  This is the core of the play, no doubt and is exceeding expectations.

thanks for the info, time will tell

I signed with Gulfport and was paid within the 120 days.


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