Was wanting to know if there is a site to find the parcels of land in tyler co wv. Such as Lincoln District, Map-Parcel 9999-00014230, Map Parcel 9999-00001750. Ellsworth District Map Parcel 9999-00018050, and another in Lincoln Map Parcel 999-0004061,almost 300 ac. in total that I have mineral rights on,Thanks for any info. Mike lough   

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Hi Mike, I believe that the parcel numbers starting with 9999 are mineral interests and not surface locations. You can check with the Tyler county assessor's office to be sure. I think the way to find surface locations is to trace your title back to where the minerals were severed (surface sold and mineral rights retained) then go forward with the surface owners and find present day owners connected with tax map and parcel numbers.
I am using my phone now but when I am at the computer I could post a link to the Tyler county website, or you could find it, and see if it helps. I believe the deeds part is not complete yet.

Thank you very much Nancy.   Mike

Here is the Tyler website for documents (mainly since 2000) and a different one for taxes.

If that doesn't help, let me know and I might have other ideas.

Do you live in or near Tyler county, to be able to go to the courthouse?

Yes I live in paden city, court house is like a mad house. my mother was from Middlebourne she was a Henderson

I bet it is crazy! Ritchie county courthouse, where I have been a few times, is busy too, and their website goes back to 1985! so a little more available.

Please ask if you would like more ideas. I have done a lot of searching for my family (in Ritchie). It can get complicated but is possible.

Thank you very much, I am working on it and if I get stuck I will give you a shout, Thanks


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