Just got my lease offer.  My question is how do they come up with these figures?  What is a "net mineral acres"?  How do they determine what to offer for a signing bonus?  What about the royalty percentage?  Not knowing all the other parties involved in the entire tract, how do we know that what they are offering to each of us is fair, and that they have in fact offered all of us, as a group, what is due?  Thanks.

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We're at in tyler. We just signed for the 2nd time. I'm located on 8 mile. Wetzel tyler line runs thru my property. We signed with antero. I'm guessing that's who approached u.

You are correct.  I'd like to find a map somewhere to see where this land is in relation to the pipeline but I have no clue how to go about that.  I don't live in the area and frankly didn't even know this mineral deed was in the family.

We're is your property? Mine is at the end of elk fork rd. There was one pipeline installed across my property in 2012. Our lease expired in January 2017 which we had since 09. I signed with antero just last month. It was for 5k a acre 18% royalties. Antero then approached us last month about 4 pipe line and 1 water line. I was told that we are in the middle of several compression station and processing plants. I can't confirm that 100%. Maybe someone else on here can add more info.

That's the problem.  I have no idea where the property is.  My cousins have contacted attorney, Kyle Nuttall and he has agreed to represent the seven of us so hopefully he can obtain that information for us.  

Good luck. Tyler county seems to be a good spot to own property


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