I have family that owns minerals in Wetzel County, WV. They are setting up a "Living Trust" and we are trying to determine the best way to transfer the minerals, now leased, into the trust account. I was hoping that someone might have gone through this process, by "quit claim" or "grant deed", or, by using the services of any local attorneys. Any advice on how to do this would be appreciated, as I know states vary as to how deeds are prepared and recorded, West Virginia being unique in some ways. Any attorneys that anyone would recommend?



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I am curious about any information on this also.  I plan to do the same in the near future.  I was told by a landman that I can have an attorney prepare a deed transferring all of the different mineral rights/leases I have into our Living Trust. 

I have dealt with Kyle Nuttall in the past..you could contact him. nuttall.legal@gmail.com

We had a similar situation. Lawyer Jeff Rokisky of Weirton, WV set ours all up. He specializes in trusts, etc and oil and gas.

Thank you for the referrals, Hopefully we can get this simply accomplished, without paying too many staff attorneys; trust specialists, real estate specialists, and oil and gas specialists. Looking for an attorney who can handle the work himself, if possible. I have had pretty good experiences in the past on fair legal billings, but, when an attorney advises bringing in various partners, all billing up to $300 an hour, I get a little nervous.

Hey Emory,  Separate issue but you are in Wetzel county.  Have you heard of anyone from Braxton Energy down your way?  

If you are referring to Wetzel County, I have not heard of any O&G named Braxton Energy.


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