Natural gas emissions will blow Europe's carbon budget at current levels

"Governments have been underestimating methane emissions from gas and must phase out the fossil fuel, along with coal and oil, by 2035 to keep within Paris climate targets, a major study shows."

“Considering both carbon dioxide and methane emissions, an urgent programme to phase out existing natural gas and other fossil fuel use across the EU is an imperative of any scientifically informed and equity-based policies designed to deliver on the Paris agreement,”

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The Paris Accords are nonsense and should be ignored.

That will solve any fiscal issues with regard to the budgets of the countries of Europe.

Glad I could help.


Ho Lee Chit Paul you been busy over the weekend. 


It is good to see you post again.  I thought you had given up trying to educate us ignorant fools that disagree with your point of view and are determined to ruin the world with our hazardous lifestyles.

I hope the winter is not too cold for you, no doubt you do not heat your residence in any fashion, et al.

Sir Greedy Mineral Owner

Dear Paul, Please, please, please include some scare tactics based on pure science next time. I think it might help Sir Greedy see the Light. I also suggest that you let China know they are going the wrong direction with their $83 Billion Dollar investment program down in Sir Greedy's neck of the woods....Paul, I know I just got off topic a little...West Virginia is not in Europe. just so you know...sorry!

China Energy and West Virginia announce framework to invest $83 billion in shale gas.

Methane comes from water, which covers 2/3rds of the earth's surface. Covering everything in black solar panels makes the world hotter. Wind redirects airflow and rainfall, thus screwing up the water table and who knows what else. Green energy is a scam made up by people that don't respect you.

Don't fret Paul, as I just read where they will need to cover the entire country of Scotland with wind turbines, to meet the charging needs of the all the electric cars that the UK has mandated, banning fossil fuel powered vehicles.

Gosh, with Europe being in the forefront of all things logical and good for their robust economies, maybe we could follow their lead and put a few turbines in your backyard, and solar panels in your front yard....problem solved.

Paul, do you buy only 'renewable' produced power at your home or place of business? Here in NYS, it is an option with some of the power suppliers. It's funny, when discussing this subject with the radical, rabid green movement, I have never heard one reply 'yes' to that question. Seems when it is their money, fossil fuels are not so evil after all.


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