How much do they pay to run Natural gas pipeline across property?

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Generally, not much.   A few years ago we were offered $5 / foot which we were told was firm, but we negotiated $15.  I've  seen different prices on this site.   But usually this is something a landowner includes with a land lease and bonus money

Thank you for you reply.

myself and the property behind me got approached for a pipeline by chesapeake midstream 15.00 ft. way too low and the kicker in the contract was they can put numerous lines in without future compensation plus for the timber just what it is worth now not in the future.


forget this no payment for huge pipelines in the future was told they wanted for gas and oil from carroll county to columbiana where the prperty is.  I would never sign this in my life there just trying to get over homeowners again. 

 A lot of factors to consider, will they be putting in a large pipe line,  will it have any protrusions such as valves or compressor stations, will it disturb  or damage crops, or pose a danger to a building that might  cancel out property insurance. How desperate are they? Although used to be is a starting point I would enjoy seeing the issue before a jury in a eminent domain acquisition where a jury declares a fair value.  

Thank you for your reply.

Bill Park is correct that there are a number of factors to consider.    You should look at location, timber clauses, encroachment width - temporary and permanent.   Do your homework. 

I too would like to know how much is paid. Talisman rep told me 15.00 a foot. He also said 3 pipelines and although I have not seen a contract to make any decision about he ((Bruce Moyer, rep for Talisman) told me they already have an agreement to go around me if I didn't sign or wanted more money. I thought this odd that one would put more time in talking to my neighbors about the pipeline before speaking with me. Any body with info about these pipelines please share.

Duh if they had an agreement before they asked you why did they bother you? If they had entended going through your property you would have been a priority not well we bothered everyone else first!

They didn't have an agreement before they asked me, he said he just heard yesterday that they could go around me. No need to be rude here...  However I found it odd that they would speak to anyone before me... Was really interested in knowing how much is being paid and also how wide is this right of way. They said 50 ft. but is that either side or total? Anyone having signed a contract please add your input.   Thank you.


Would also like to add they would save money by going through my property instead of going around.


25' from center of pipe on both sides. Important factors that come to mind are burial depth, temporary "workspace" easement, additional future lines, future increases in width, reclaimation procedures, access restrictions (fences/gates), maintenance, property devaluation, landowner access restrictions, drainage, and damages payment.

Thank you for the info.


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