Natural Gas Price listed is different than the AVG$ on Royalty Checks

Just curious as to how the Gas Well Driller comes up with the AVG$ rate that they pay for a Royalty Check.  

I have data from the Royalty Rights Owner of the well on our property to help us determine what to offer him for the Royalty Rights.  For the Check dated 7/31/16 with a run date of 5/2016, the listed AVG$ (assuming this means average price of natural gas at the wellhead for the month) is 1.67.  I am unable to find a report of previous natural gas prices for 2016.  Can I assume that the $3.19 price listed on this page is what will be used for October?

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Power Thirsty River Basin Commissions Out of Control

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There is battle for sovereignty going on this country…



June 2017

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