If you were laid off, are you coming back? If not what direction did you go?

Cautiously, things appear to be turning up again, leaving companies scrambling for workers and wondering if those they have let go will return. If those former employees don’t come back, will the industry known for bluster, swearing and endless hours away from home be able to recruit the hot-shot smarts it needs to move forward?

At the end of each cycle, about 30 percent of the workers who lose their jobs don’t come back, said Tony Angelle, a vice president with Halliburton. His company is thinking about ways to attract talent now that activity is picking up again after a two-year slump. 

They “don’t want anything to do with the oil and gas business,” he said at the Developing Unconventional Gas East conference in Pittsburgh last month.

Another fraction of the former workforce comes back reluctantly, still bitter about having been laid off, he said.


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Wasn't laid off, but I will not be returning. 

What field did you work in? Land, engineering etc?


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