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I suspect that Paul would agree with this.

But, what exactly are we talking about?

We are talking about denying American citizens their Constitutional right of free speech.

The radical left hates the Constitution, the Bill of Rights. Those documents stand in their way.

So the only way to promote their radical agenda and secure imposition of it, is to silence their opposition. To take way their Constitutional right of free speech.

The radical left is very scary. BTW, the radical left includes the anti oil and gas folks.'s Pauls' "wet" dream come true!


Notice that Paul did not reply to this post.

My thought is that he agrees with stifling the speech of those with who he disagrees.

But he does not have the courage to say so one way or the other.

Typical leftist trait - lack of courage.

Paul sincerely believes he is speaking up to save the earth itself from certain incineration. That is powerful motivation. It wipes out virtually all other considerations. For example, what good is our Constitution if America has been reduced to a cinder, or something akin? Not my thinking; his

ISIS has their god and you can witness their outrageous behavior in service to their belief in that god. Different radical groups have different gods.  This in not anything new.  Such behavior has been extant within humankind for millennia.  It's always unfortunate to encounter, though.

I think the libtardians goal is to stop any message that they don't agree with.That was there goal in shutting down Trumps speech in ILN.They use global warming to hide there agenda.If shutting down freedom of speech was taught to them in school the schools should be thoroughly investigated to see who is behind this plan.


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