This well is located about 4 miles from my property. This was a vertical well. How could it produce so much. Is this just a fluke or do other pockets hold this. They couldnt drill to the shale layers back them so were would all this come from???

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Personally, I am a little skeptical about the measurement of 100 MMcf/d especially coming from the Big Injun Formation at a depth of ~1800 ft. To put this in perspective, EQT's Scotts Run well IP'd at 73 MMcf/d in the Utica at greater than 10,000 ft deep. It is possible that the formation held a ton of trapped gas that was sourced from a deeper formation but even so, numbers like what was reported would be a fluke at best in my opinion. 

Yeah Blueflame, I am in your camp. Even the TBR wells of today can't rival that output for long, if ever, and I am not certain it could be choked with the pressures they reported to be present. Your assessment of a pool of trapped gas makes the most sense.

Some journalistic license might be at work here.....IMHO....but it makes a fun story!

P.S.-did they ever produce any oil from this well?

Dont know if any oil came out. There are lots of stories about this. Some say 50 mil a day. It justed seemed weird at that depth and layer.

No that is for real. Back then they didnt have a way to control pressure and blew down the reservoirs rapidly and drilled too many wells too close together. Think of a can of pop going flat (in the case of oil wells). 


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