I own 80 acres on the border of wetzel and Tyler county in WV. We have wet Marcellus and dry Utica. This January my lease extension expires. 5 years then renewed for 3. Nothing has been done to the property. Antero is very active in my area. Should I try to lease with a active company in my area. Or should I go with the highest. I will take less on signing bonus..not % to get a company who is drilling alot in the area.....suggestions appreciated.

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If your original lease is not with Antero, you should try to get a lease with them, in my opinion. They have a better reputation than most of the other drillers around.

Thank you Nancy
I want the up front money but I will take less if I have a better chance to get drilled

I think your idea is a good one.  And Antero really does  have a much better reputation as a company to work with than EQT, better lease terms also.


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