when does swn send royalty checks out beginning of month or end of month ?

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Heres the contact info for SWN


Payment mailed on the 25th of the month or earlier in the case of a holiday or weekend. Direct deposit appears in your account according to the same schedule. Payment is for gas produced two months previously. December 25th check is for october.

thank you vito swn has treated me ok so far they are drilling under me as we speak .do they do all the rediculas deductions like the rest of them do   thanks     BILL

Depends on your contract. Mine has no post production cost deduction except for tax ie; no deductions for compression, transportation etc.

well Chesapeake wrote the contract and I sighned it back in 2012 when we didn't know anything so you can imagine the deductions .but swn bought them in my area and I was hoping they treat people a little better wishful thinking on my part I only have 18 aceres in the unit so whatever I get I get and move on  lol


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