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Not mentioned are the rebel problems in Nigeria that have shut down 2 pipelines and some other facilities, taking offline another 200,000+ barrels of oil.

Canadian tar oil sands still in jeopardy   .... burning all around em.......shut down operations

Build some new refineries fitted to process our Utica's abundant light crude.

Why the hold up ? ?

Under current laws, it is almost impossible to build a new refinery in the US; only 1 has been built in the last 30 years - and it only handles 25,000 barrels a day.

My understanding is that the worst part is getting the Clean Air Act permits. State and local emissions rules also add difficulty.

The natural gas in the United States, Canada and Mexico will free us from mideastern energy but only if the political climate allows the next industrial revolution to ignite the economy.

Donald Trump hopefully is getting data from people like T.B. Pickens and will layout an energy policy that makes sense.

Things are always changing and many times for no apparent reason but seemingly to oppress and diminish our liberties.

Seems to me we've got reasons to change things  for the common good of our citizenry.

One reason for instance is suddenly, now we've got alot of light crude - like it's coming out of our ears.

Another reason for instance is now we're at war.

Those things ought to give our leadership pause and cause to change things like prohibitive / burdensome laws and regulations.

How can anyone expect to win a war without cooperation among ourselves and true allies ? ?


From's your lips to God's ears!!


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