at a recent odnr unitization hearing a neighbor attended, it was stated that the driller was going to be targeting the point pleasant formation in S\E Ohio. Not being familiar with point pleasant, I started doing some internet searching to bone up on it only to end up befuddled.

Are they two separate or just one and the same?

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Separate but comingled. Biggest misconception is that Utica wells are drilled in the Utica formation. It's actually drilled in the Point Pleasant formation.

As I understand it the 'Point Pleasant' is an 'Interval' (or 'Region') of the 'Utica' and is located at the bottom of the 'Utica' and varies in thickness.

My terminology / Geologic Jargon may not be in step with the professional terms but I believe my understanding of the Utica / Point Pleasant formations to be correct.

If not - please advise.

Hey JoMo I believe Uranus is involved somehow as well

The Utica and Pt. Pleasant are different formations. Both are organically rich so are drilling targets. Pt. Pleasant rock properties are a bit better than the Utica so the formation is preferred over the Utica-proper at the present time.

FWIW, Pt. Pleasant is older than (and lies below) the Utica. It is time-equivalent to the upper Trenton Ls; merely deposited in a different geographic & geologic environment. That depositional environment generally expanded over time and encompassed the Utica so it is more similar to Pt. Pleasant (vs Trenton, e.g.).

Thank you for those details Craig Cooper.

All the geological cross sections I have found show Trenton\Black river directly below the Utica, hence my confusion.

much like this one

DESJR, confusion is understandable. The ODNR geologic cross section is generalized and rock types as well as formation names will vary depending on where you are in the (Appalachian) basin.

Have a look at:

thank you  Craig, that was very helpful.

Hello J-O!
I hadn't seen a post from you in a while. Missed you!
Yes, the Point Pleasant formation lies directly below the Utica, and is the target production zone for most Utica wells. KAR is correct.

Thank you sir.

thanks everyone except A-Hole Mike C unt

Oh that's real nice dinkweed


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