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      China Unconventional Oil and Gas (CUOG) is paying attention and advocating the unconventional oil and gas development of China. CUOG takes the focus on unconventional oil and gas development in China as the mission, records the process of it and provides a variety of unconventional oil and gas information, pictures, datas, documents,bbs and other services for researchers.




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tang, it can get political on this site. may not bode well for you there. and if homeland security has it's way, it won't go on long here.


Welcome back, I hope you have been following this site, it is deffinitely progressive.  Some questions:

1.  What do you think is the interest of China investing significantly in the Marcellus and Utica here?

2.  Are we Americans allowed to invest similarily in China's energy plays?

4.  Do Chinese landowners own the minerals underneath their land or do they own land at all?


Hi Einstein,thank you for your attention.Your questiones are so good.Let me have a think.I'll reply you later.

You see guys Tang knows who he is talking to, he recognizes IQ when he reads it :')


Thank you Tang, keep in mind here in America, it is "free as the wind!"  we say how we feel.  We also welcome you and wish you can teach us more about China, most people fear what they do not know.  Let us work together.

Maybe you are right.I don't konw other countries'c situation.But in China the mineral rights belong to the goverment. Chinese landowners don't own the minerals underneath their land or  they own land.

Eiselstein,thank you for your reply.I'll answer your 3 questions about china shale gas.

1.In my opinion,I think the biggest interest of China investing significantly in US shale plays is learning technoloy.They want learn shale gas exploration and development techology from cooperation with US companies in US. I don't know which project China invest in the Marcellus and Utica you mean.As I know,the CNOOC(China national offsore oil company) invested in Egle Ford shale and Sinopec has joinn venture with Devon.No companies invest in Marcellus and Utica.

2.Americans are not allowed to invest  in China enery plays independly.China energy plays is authored to 3 national oli compans CNCOO/CNPC/SINOPEC.Althoug shale gas is permitted as independ minal.Its exploration and development rights don't belong to the three national oil conpanies.But China Ministy of Land and Resource open the rights to all companies of china.Who can get the gas who have the rights.If Americans want  invest China shale gas,the only way is cooperation with chinese companies.

3.In China the mineral rights belong to the goverment. Chinese landowners don't own the minerals underneath their land or  they own land.

Thank you Tang for your answers.  We here in the Marcellus/Utica have been advised thru all the national business media, that Sinopac did invest $1.8 billion into a joint venture with Chesapeake Energy.  This JV is for the production of the southern Utica counties in Ohio.


I read that CNOOC has launched a deep sea rig and is exploring in the South China sea.  As you know Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Philippines claim these waters as their territorial waters.  This conflict has been going on for decades, questions:

1.  Why doesn't China form joint ventures with all the countries in the South China sea and the USA , to explore and develop this hugh energy field rather than fight?  The large Philippine undersea gas field was a joint venture by Shell, Chevron and the Philippines.

2.  Since China is one of the largest investors in US shale plays and they pay anywhere from$8,000 to $15000 an acre (.5 hectare?), would it be better for you as a representative of China to just pay us landowners directly for our mineral rights?  I will sell China one acre for a low price $7000 for one Utica wet gas acre.  As long as it is legal.


Thank you in advance for answering our questions.




LOL Ron 

All the news on the website are come from papers and they ara published.What my website does is reshiping these published news.

welcome tang,  can't wait to read your site.  this will be interesting.  mark

Great website, gives us a glimpse of how internationally we and this play are, the Chinese are coming!


What is going on in China confirms that we need to get our asses in gear and start pumping out CNG vehicle, or China soon will add to the GLUT we are experiencing.  If China taps their shale and we continue ours, I only see energy independence and the fall of OPEC.


We hope China shale gas industry have a brightly future.We will update news about china shale gas on this website aperiodically.Thank you for your attention.


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