I'm looking to lease my mineral rights in Belmont County.

Any suggestions as to what group or company might be interested?

Anyone else care to put our minds together to get the best deal for us landowners?

I'm Not in this to profit or gain a percentage of anyone's lease.

I seek only to band together and form a small group of landowners, agree on a fair lease with royalties and hopefully gain some group-leverage with oil companies!

I intend to LEASE... NOT SELL my mineral rights!

Unlike a most recent offer from a supposed/royalties group locally... I won't Sell.

Why Sell the Cow when you can MILK it for the next several decades!

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What township are you in?

Pease Township here.. 90 acres.. the so called royalty group in Bellaire wants to SELL our Mineral Rights to Blackstone for $10,000 per acre.. but I intend to lease.

Of course they'll make more at 5% of 10g's selling than 5% of 5 or 6g's Leasing.. so do you really think they'll try to even Find us a Lease? ...No Way at that much profit!

Problem is.. most of the people around here will probably sell out.

I have a friend who has 22 acres in West Virginia.. his check came today.. $7800. and that's just for 2 weeks time on 22 acres.. amazing isn't it!

Rice Energy.. yea, nice contract.. missed the Smith-Goshen signing.. or I'd a been set for a while.

They like to make 10g per acre sound like a lot but in reality it's nothing compared to royalties if and when they get you included in a Unit!

Call Rice Energy. They have a leasing office in St Clairsville at 252 W. Main Street. They recently signed a large landowner group in Belmont and were looking to add acreage around what they already signed.

Talked to Rice Energy.. and their funds are tapped for now.. or so they say.

If I had acreage further West.. it would be a different story no doubt.

Rice Energy.. yea, nice contract.. missed the Smith-Goshen signing.. or I'd a been set for a while.

Sit tight. XTO or Hess will call.

D Thomas,

The obvious question is, "Who has leased your neighbor's properties there in Pease twp?".

I also have approximately 300 acres of unleased acreage in Pease Twp, Belmont County, Ohio.  We are looking for a gas company to sign with too.  Do not want to sell the mineral rights!

Hello J McKim

If you'd like to join with us in a small group of landowners.. this makes things easier when approaching oil companies to LEASE.. I won't sell.. but I'm willing to Lease if the contract is right.

Is there an email where we can discuss the locations of our properties?

I have 90 acres and my neighbors aren't all leased yet.

Closer we get to forming a unit of 500 acres the better it will be for leasing.

We would be interested in forming a group.  I can tell you that most of the property in our area has been leased by XTO, Hess & Chesapeake.  We had a five year lease with Range that was bought by Chesapeake.  However, when our lease expired in 2012, Chesapeake did not have the resources to sign us & therefore, released our lease. 

The XTO and Chesapeake leases weren't as good as the Smith-Goshen Group Lease.

These companies may want to lease later in the year.

Better for them to lease.. instead of paying it all out in taxes and gains.

If anyone cares to form a landowner's group.. add me as a friend.. then send me an email and we can exchange info. I am located in Belmont County.. Pease Twp.

Appears the Ohio Valley Royalties Group isn't doing so well.. guess there aren't as many desperate and poor as they imagined.. least not enough to complete the "SELL OUT" of your Mineral Rights.. forever and ever and ever.. 

Funny.. cause I received two phone call messages from them.. explaining: "they're just sooo busy due to the large volume.. they're postponing the letter of intent" 

lol yea right.. we Believe Ya!

Glad to see there aren't as many dumb and desperate people as THEY imagined!

Lured me in with the impression it was a non-surface lease.. come to find out it's a total buy-out with full surface rights! There's a world of difference between the two!

Lease.. Lease.. Lease.. Do Not Sell Mineral Rights.. make them "pay you and your kids" for the next 30 years. My friend receives over $20,000 gross from a mere 22 acres in a 504 acre Unit.. with a meager 2.5 million cubic feet per day!


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