I noticed on the Pa DEP site that the permit for The NORTH BEAVER PIPELINE PROJECT has been approved and issued as of Sept 28,2011. It says it will be in located in Ohioville Boro and South Beaver Twp. I don't know the extent of the pipeline, but it makes sense that this is a gathering pipeline from the Tharp well to the Thompson site. Maybe it will connect the Rolling Acres site as well.  I've also heard on the street that there will be a compressor station/processing facility built nearby the Thompson well. I suspect we will be seeing more pipelines as well. This is great news!

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From what I understand it will continue from Tharp well to the Burdick well further down Wildwood Rd. O&G drilled the Burdick a few years ago but never produced from it. Chesapeake has a permit to redrill that was approved 6/3/11. Not sure what all was in the NORTH BEAVER PIPELINE PROJECT, but Chesapeake also has applications in for more wells further south in Ohioville (Bussard, Ferrebee, Liberato)
They also have 2 applications for Brighton Twp and don't forget they have the pad in Patterson Twp approved as well.


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