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The Riverfront Landowners Group is having their meeting tonight 7:00 pm at the Sardis Grade School. This group is led by the Jennifer Garrison Group, Jennifer and Matt Warnock are working very hard for us down here. I was glad to hear that the John Lusk group was able to aggregate so many acres. We too are gaining every week to our acreage count. If we all stay in groups then we will all be able to get better terms concerning our leases. This is such an exciting time for The Riverfront Landowners Group. Through this process we have made a lot of new friends and one of the neatest things is you can see people pulling together in the community working for the common good of all.
Thanks, that means a lot to us down here. Keep us posted.
I don't understand what's going on.  All of a sudden no one from Monroe Co is talking about anything.  I feel like I'm lost and have no idea where to go or what to do.  What is happening?

H bo

I have been very forthcoming and in fact vocal to the fact that I initially followed Des until all the offers on the table just being finalized never materialized so l joined John Lusks group and yes i signed with Lensman and glad I did.

Are there any O&G companies still making offers in Monroe county??

Thanks h bo,  how do I find out who they are?

Has anyone heard who the new O&Gs companies are that are in Monroe.  Its been very quiet over the holidays but I was told thats because alot ot the O&G people are from out of state and went back home for the holidays.  Makes sense.  I was also told that Des's group in monroe voted at their last meeting to wait until the new year to move forward.  I guess they have a couple offers on the table but both need work.  I heard the top offer would be around 5500 but the lease isnt a good one.  Another offer is less money but has a better lease.  Not sure how that group would vote if there was a vote.  Any new news out there???

Bob, no news from Monroe and didn't hear about the waiting till New Years thing...  Last offer with Des I've heard was declined and he's since mentioned a new deal looming but no word from him since then.  Like you, many of us are just waiting for good news! 

Bill are you talking about the lensman Belmont group. I think they are still accepting signers until 1/5/12 and I heard the offer was real close to that amount with a good landowner lease.

Great Bill, post it so we can all see it and know who this new player is.

The Times Leader ad for VP Ventures, LLC is having landowners sign a lease directly with the oil company (don't know which one).

They are the group offering the $5,115.00/acre with a 20% royalty for FLUSHING, WARREN, KIRKWOOD, and WESTERN 1/3 of UNION. The phone number given is 1 (866) 358-0920

All Belmont County Townships but I called and they are planning to hold a signing at the end of January.

Another shell game?


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