On the 17th, Antero permitted another well....two laterals so far, called the Kahrig Unit.  It is near the Monroe County border with the pad just on the east side of 513.


First lateral


Second lateral


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The County Engineers report shows that applications were filed last Friday, 3/21/14 for the Mahoney Unit (2 laterals) located on Mt. Zion Road near the church.  Drove by there over the weekend, lots of work being done on the pad.  Also, the Batesville compressor station on Detweiler's place (old Don Long place) is going to be HUGE!  Pipeline ROW being cleared on Yoker Valley Road.

Jan...how do you find your info? The Mahoney unit is being built on my property and I just found out the name yesterday...and didn't receive any info on laterals....did they widen the road on Mt. Zion ? I feel like I'm being left in the dark

Just go to ODNR's Well Database.  Under reports, click on County Engineer's (they usually show up here first).  In search, put Noble County and Beaver Township.  Click "Report". 

They have done an amazing amount of work on the pad.  All trees cleared and lot's of heavy equipment and dump trucks.  Road was widened somewhat, but not much room to go more.  If you find out which way the laterals are going, will you let us know?   

Mahoney Unit is going southeast.

Is the Detweiler place on Beaver Valley Road?  Thanks for the info, Jan!

It's on St. John's Road

We were told they wanted to start drilling on the mahoney unit mid April.....has anyone been up on Mt. Zion rd and seen any evidence of drilling going on ?

Mary, we were there on Saturday.  The pad looks to be done or near done.  Should be starting to drill soon.

We were in the area yesterday and the rig is up on Mt. Zion Rd.

two more laterals have been added to the pad, permitted 3/26, but they are part of another unit, "Barto Unit"

First lateral


Second lateral


google has updated their satellite images on map.....you can see a lot of well pads and the routes for all the pipelines (bare ground) and locations for the plants.....pretty cool!



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