I noticed on the ODNR site http://www.ohiodnr.com/portals/11/oil/pdf/Utica.pdf that the operator for the Miley 5H well in Seneca Twp has changed and is now Antero Resources....looks as though there is a name change/reissue going on and when you go to Eclipse Resouces website under operations the Miley 5H info. is no longer available. Does anyone have any scoop regarding Eclipse/Antero and Seneca Twp in Noble County?

Also, I drove over to the well site and Eclipse still has there sign in front of the guard shack, hmmmmmm.....strange to say the least!

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Just called Antero and was told the "when" and "if" they come into this area, they will contact me. I'm in southern Olive township. He didn't give me much encouragement but I'll keep being patient!

You shouldn't be suprised that Eclipse bailed already. They are start up company and fly by night. That Landman Joliat did the same thing to me, NEVER RETURNS PHONE CALLS! 

They might have been a start up Company, but they sure didn't have any problems paying their bonuses on time!

he returned my emails! but didn't return to noble after the deal was done moved to monroe!! signed june 29th 2012

Carl they're already in the area....the Miley 5H well site is now Antero....drove over there the other day and the Eclipse sign is gone and the new sign in front of the guard shack says Antero Resources.

Glad to hear that. I gave them my contact information and hope they call me soon. Thanks for the updated info.

An Antero representative just called July 10 regarding my little 20 acres.  It is contingent to the Miley well and near the one in Buffalo township on the other side.  He offered $5,200/20%.  I will only sign a non surface development lease, I hope to see one in the mail today or tomorrow.  Any advice at this time?  Things have been quiet for a while.

I just talked with the lawyer who helped negotiate our lease and he said he believes eclipse and antero are in a joint venture together now....I take this as a good sign for all involved!

So it sounds like Eclipse couldn't be the "operator" because they are so small, but yet they are getting a WI from Antero as the operator. Looks like a "flipper" to me.

4 quarter......Eclipse purchased Miley's lease from Fossil Creek and then drilled the vertical well....if you had been keeping up with the ODNR site then you would have known this. Also,...it's not uncommon for oil companies to jv with other companies.....you sure seem to have a bad taste in your mouth about Eclipse.....care to explain why?

So far my experience has been a positive one, but I did my research (didn't jump on the old generic O&G lease) and was involved with a landowner group/law firm....no complaints on my end!

P.S....who ever ends up with my lease in the end has to honor it! No worries here :-)

Bill, kudos to you....I've been trying to find this information! Thank you! (handshaking little guy) :-)

Isn't flipping generally what happens when backed by an Investment/Private Equity Company?

Hmmmmm....I didn't realize a joint venture (partnership) meant flipping a lease.


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