I talked to my neighbor and they advised that eclipse sold there lease to Antero just couple months ago!

I emailed eclipse and Joliet Patrick advised that they didn't buy mine! I was just outside of the work place! and they are just inside the work place! The Marlyns! But I haven't got to talk to them lately because the Mark West pipeline has a big mudd puddle in the lane and I'm not driving through it! I'll be at camp this weekend and should be able to run into them and ask what's going on or I'll call them! 

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The report I have shows only one Antero rig drilling in Noble County. It is the Patterson #316 rig drilling the Wayne Unit 2H well.

Check the"hiker's comment on the GMS main page title; Antero's production constrained.  Pictures of their 3 compression stations needed to get things rolling out of Noble co. I know a guy working at the "Hill" plant. It's really close to being done. Just a few little things needing completed. Most of the workers are headed to the Ruesser plant,off Rt. 78. Seems to take them a year to build each one.       

Hey Carl, I have 20 acres on Mt, Zion rd and they are putting a pad there, All I know is the weather has them behind. They wanted to break ground on the drill pad January and nothing has been done yet. They have been there surveying for the pipeline though

Not sure Rick,,,I know we head up Yoker Valley from 265 and turn left on Sycamore pass the electric towers and Mt. Zionis to the right at the top of the hill..if that helps :)

I seen yesterday Antero has 4 rigs drilling right now in the Utica. 2 in Noble County at the Law Unit and Vorhies Unit. They have 2 rigs in Monroe County at the Gary Unit and the DK Carpenter Unit.

New antero pad site just west of siberian pad on state route 513 just a mile or so north of square of summerfield pads are lining up

Is that lease money or an offer to buy your minerals?

Rick, I thought you stated on here that you had already sold your minerals? What company contacted you with that amount, if I may ask? And I have heard well pas are going in close to the area in the near future.

*Well pads

offers in beaver & millwood are up to 19,500 for full mineral buyout

Price pad on Mt.Zion rd. My husband and I rode down to our property last Friday and it has begun.....the trees have been cleared for the pad and pipeline.


Do you by any chance know which way the laterals are going to run?




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