I have been approached by two different pipeline companies in the last several weeks seeking permission to survey, which I have granted.

1) Columbia Pipeline Group

2) Kinder Morgan (Utica Marcellus Texas Pipeline LLC)

Columbia has a QuickLink pipeline project that sort of matches up with the location and schedule, showing start of construction in 2Q15 and project completion in 4Q15.

Kinder Morgan is building a lateral to their existing main pipeline to the Seneca Plant, Blue Racer Plant and on to the Sherwood Plant in WV.

Rumor is that this might be along the south side of the existing Texas Eastern ROW acquired in 1942-42 by the Federal government and later sold in 1947 to the private sector, but that is just a guess.

Anyone have additional info on this?

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The new owner of the REX line (cant remember the new co. name) called me for permission saying they were considering a second line to run parallel with the existing line. I am on guernsey/noble border near Salesville.

What is the going rate for pipeline ROW ......and lines.

Is there a map or proposed plot for this line yet? Survey crews have been on our land, but I don't see any markings.

The standard for the pipelines is still $1 x inch x foot,..Thats all I hear.

 ( 24" pipe is $24 per foot), you can negotiate for more if you have a LOT of acres and there is no easy access around you.

It is following the Texas Eastern Big Inch/Little Big Inch ROW in Noble Co.


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