General "Strictly Shale" Discussions: This is the homepage forum for GMS. This is the forum that appears on the homepage when you initially log onto the site. If yo uare uncertain as to where you should post, you can can post here until you become more familiar with the GMS. + Add a Discussion


County Groups: For us, the goal is to provide the most in depth infomation on leasing & drilling in the region. This is why we focus on groups. County groups specifically. Be sure to find your county and join for the most useful information. If you join a county that has little activity please feel feel to share what you know. This moves the ball forward. Note. You will need to join each county group individually by clicking on the "Join" link in the upper right side of the group's page. Browse the groups...


Maybe you only have 5 minutes to check in, Today's Top Content provides the "quick & dirty" of what is trending on the site during that given day. The Week's Top Content gives you the most popular discussions for the previous 7 days.


We do allow some business promotions on GMS. Click here to find where we are currently permitting this to take place. Typically, this will be in the "County Groups" or the "GMS Blogs." However, we do reserve the right to delete and forbid solicitation if we deem it to be against GMS' best interest.

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