Andrew Cuomo: The Greatest Disaster to Ever Befall Upstate NY

Andrew Cuomo has, in seven years, done more to harm Upstate New York than anyone. He is, in fact, the greatest disaster to ever befall Upstate New York.

It is quite sad, what’s going on here in New York. I’m talking about what our corrupt Governor Andrew Cuomo’s target of 50 percent “clean energy” by 2030. Have you ever noticed politicians always set target dates that can’t be reached until long after they will be out of office? It’s campaign talk followed by supposedly bold actions that signal good intentions. However, nothing good is coming from Cuomo’s actions.

A friend of mine I met in the New York Gas Wars saw his farm go up on the auction block, recentlym losing the family farm. His only misfortune other then living in the most unfree state in the country was his farm wasn’t located in trendy wine country (where they also have gas wells). My friend simply produced meat for the hungry, milk for the thirsty and vegetables for your health. I won’t mention his family name because losing your family’s property is very personal and devastating.

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