New Technologies are Transforming the Digital Oil Field

New and emerging technologies are continuously expanding boundaries and improving efficiency and safety in today’s oil field.

This past week, I was given a stack of DVDs filled with client videos that needed to be reviewed. Each DVD contained about 2 gigabytes worth of data and was, at the time, the most effective way of storing this much information. I was able, with a few clicks of the mouse, to transferred 5 years worth of such data onto a micro USB storage device that had to be taped to a larger item to ensure I didn’t lose it in the shuffle.

Ventage TechnologyWe have watched data and information that once required an entire warehouse of computers to store be shrunk down to an object so small and efficient, that its biggest risk is misplacing the tiny gadget. We have watched as new and emerging technologies and trends have disrupted one marketplace after another. My generation is now even blamed for threatening to kill our local Applebees.

Things are no different in the oil and gas industries. A while back I wrote of disruptive new technologies such as MOTIVE being used to streamline drilling using artificial intelligence. Not only does this increase yields per site, but it also serves to create whole new industries.

Activists and some forecasters have, for some time, claimed peak oil or peak gas is on the horizon. For a little while, this was a real fear – due not to supply limitations, but rather too much supply. We hear a lot less about that now as we’ve been able to export LNG and send product to Canada and Mexico by pipeline

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