Son of Fractivist Trial Lawyer Harasses Coudersport Area Municipal Authority

Fractivist abuse of local officials reached an apex this past week as a trial lawyer’s kid harassed members of the Coudersport Area Municipal Authority.

Energy In Depth Appalachian Basin representative Nicole Jacobs did a great report Friday on a fractivist episode that took place at a meeting of the Coudersport Area Municipal Authority in Potter County. You can read the whole thing here, where she lays out the facts demonstrating exactly how little fractivists really care about the environment and how much they do care about other things.

The story is all about a wastewater treatment plant that’s good enough for the regional Trout Unlimited chapter but not for fractivists who simply oppose all oil and gas development. That’s not the part of the story that’s most important, though. The facts are clear and speak for themselves. Nicole has laid them all out. She also lays out the fiasco generated by a young fellow named Josh Pribanic, who has a hissy-fit over the fact he wasn’t allowed to speak last during a public meeting and doing his grandstanding routine.

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