Why the Mariner East 2 Pipeline Is Essential to Southeast PA

All the hullabaloo over construction of the Mariner East 2 Pipeline (that follows the route of an existing pipeline) obscures the fact Southeast PA needs it.

Our good friend and frequent source, Jim Willis, over at Marcellus Drilling News, provides the sort of inside information you’ll never get from mainstream media or the special-interest shills at StateImpactPA when they report on Mariner East 2. Neither has much interest in reporting on anything but construction issues and hyping them to the max. Meanwhile, Jim has recently published two great articles on the forgotten story of why the Mariner East 2 is so essential to the Southeast PA folks who might seem opposed to it from all the news coverage.

The first article was actually a guest post on MDN from Garland L. Thompson, who lives in Philly and has written for the Career Communications Group of publications, including US Black Engineer & Information Technology, Hispanic Engineer & IT and their sibling publications Woman of Color and Science Spectrum, for many years.

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