Not in your wildest dreams would McCain/Palin have pulled this garbage.

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Here in WV we did not majority vote for this president.

We are so screwed..

This tax "surcharge" kicks in when your taxable income surpasses $200,000, $250,000 if filing jointly married. So if your total taxable income including royalties is $300,000 you will pay the surcharge on the last $50,000.

Keep in mind that the new tax laws have a higher tax rate now set at $400,000, $450,000 jointly, of 39%.  So when your taxable income exceeds $450,000 you will pay 42.8 cents of every dollar received.  Of course this is just federal, not including state, county, municipal, or school income taxes that may or may not apply.

The so called progressives are in fact suppressives.

For the other side of the coin as a landowner and an American I would have no problem paying an extra 3.8 on my income after my accounant found every deduction and loop hole and I still took home more than 250,000.00.
I know so many very hard working people who cannot afford to buy insurance or have been denied for silly reasons.
At times I see them real sick as they still get up to go to work and know they can't afford the ER or a regular primary doctor. These people are the care givers to our elderly, the workers behind the counter of a local store, the people we at times ask to care for our animals. The list is just too long IMO of people who work hard and cannot buy or get insurance.
IMO I feel leasing (bonus money) should be taxed as a capital gain and not regular income since most of us stayed with this asset way longer than a year. It is an asset IMO and the people who will never get anything except this one time bonus should be allowed to file as a one time windfall not as income, or be allowed to spread it out over a few years. IMO

 Kathleen, When those that have worked hard all of there lives go to the hospital, their needs are taken care of and you and I take care of their bill in our health care cost. Why do you think the government needs to weasel in and take more money from us by increasing health care cost?

I agree we take care of the real sick in the hospital but that person will have to go bankrupt first :0( and what little they saved or have is than gone.

Kathleen, I have no problem helping out hard-working people that need help. Not everyone will be hugely successful but as long as they keep at it, fine, help them when they need it most.

I do have a huge problem with paying the bills for people that don't make the effort.  Over  the last ten years 25% of all high school students dropped out before graduating and have no job skills. 40% of all children are born out of wedlock and the "baby daddies" disappear after a few months of dirty diaper changing.  Many of these babies are born to girls still in school and many drop out. Worse, they have another baby or two to some other stud before they are 21. And 20-25% of people are doing drugs on a regular basis.

Shut these people off the gravy train.  Only allow re-admission if they get a GED and off of drugs. Then they must continue to get education until the have gainful employment or they get tossed off the train again.

In many ways I agree. I know of people living off their kids food stamps and do not work and are nothing but a drag on society but its time congress finds a way to distinguish between the low life's and the hard working poor.
Some ways have been talked about one being if you are on SS benefits you have to take a drug test but than that included people who are of age to receive it.
This law also stopped educated hard working people with insurance from going bankrupt and losing everything due to a very sick child. Could you image being that child knowing your family lost everything due to your sickness?
This is a tough problem but The Unites States of America is better than letting a family go homeless over a sickness and had to start somewhere. Now its time to tweak it to be sure if possible those who do not contribute should not benefit or have to do something to pay for their share. Community service comes to mind as an example.
Is Congress up to (either party) really setting laws like that?
I just don't see this health care law as a gravy train though. I do see a gravy train in our society and I agree about the re-admission ideas but they are 2 separate issues right now. The gravy train didn't start 4 yrs ago it started a while ago and again our lawmakers are too worried about keeping their jobs than to really fix it.


I am curious.

Do you think all the documents related to the "fast and furious" program should be available to the public. In a tidy CD format. Including the select ones Obama has sitting on the floor in the Oval Office, meaning the ones he took Exe. Privledge over.

Hi schmoozie

I'm commenting on the health care law tax and my opinion of why I would have no problem paying the extra 3.8% if my income exceeded 250,000 after deductions, not other issues from this administration since honestly through history there hasn't been one without very serious issues not released to the public that I can think of.

Thats not an answer. Clever, but not an answer.

Your comment on 3.8% for people who make over is intended to reinforce the  arguement that "rich people can afford it, and should feel comfortable..almost obligated to do so" we can all see that. it's nothing new. Hear it every day.

My question...simple yes or no. Release all the documents including the redacted ones Obama has sitting on the floor right next to his desk by say...3:30 this afternoon. No questions asked.

Yes or no.

it is NOT the job of our government to distinguish between the 'low life's and hard working poor.  It is their job to get out of the way and STOP creating the problem and pretend they must 'fix' it!  THEN, the hard working poor could actually see and feel prosperity at their own hands! 

they, the govt. also created the health 'insurance' crisis by assisting in the creation of 'managed care' when it was always about managing our lives!  it raised the cost and interfered with the doctor-patient relationship. Doctors cannot legally provide ANY services w/o charging or submitting claims/paperwork, even if they wanted to!

Under Obamacare, a doc MUST be hooked into the Federal Data Base, MUST ask patients specific questions, MUST enter the data in the FDB or risk getting a 'low' grade and low or non-existent reimbursements!  Even an optomotrist, a simple 'eye doctor' must obey and they have access to ALL your health records, including your antidepressant meds, dx's etc etc!   Now YOUR health business is everyone's business, including ALL the office staff!  YOUR privacy is gone!  Your rights to specific treatment or reject specific treatment are GONE!  

Try NOT following recommendations for your child if/when they are sick!  The state takes over your child! 

All this is by design and has been in the works for many YEARS!  It's just all coming together at the same time, again, by design...

Our lawmakers, are in cahoots!!!!  They are all aware of these issues and CHOOSE to change NOTHING!  They are all complicit and only worry about themselves.  So what if they loose the next election, they STILL get paid for life, with our tax dollars!  Free excellent health care - not like ours!  They get the best OUR tax dollars can buy!

The vote in the house to overturn Obamacare was nothing but smoke and mirrors, to get a vote on record to win reelection!  IF they wanted to stop Obamacare, it could have been done on day two of it's passage - JUST DEFUND IT!   But, did they?  Heck no, all a bunch of liars and thieves!

Did you know a doctor is NOT permitted, by law, to NOT charge a co-payment - even if they wanted to be 'charitable'? 


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