ALOV and Northern Trumbull County- Updated Discussion to include BP Lessor's and Bonus money Payment's

Hello all!

 I have been doing a little research and speaking with friends and neighbors about forming a group to address the needs of those of us not yet represented by a landowners group.

This led me to call ALOV after hearing that they had accepted some acreage in Trumbull county.

I paid little attention to ALOV earlier as their website did not list Trumbull county as an area of interest, although the work they were doing was certainly of great interest to me.

 From what i gather there was a cut-off of June 30 for sign-up with ALOV, they extended that and also had a meeting at RD banks Chevy in Champion. This may not be news to some of you, but i had not come across the posting until after. The word i got from an individual at ALOV was that Chesapeake set a northern geographical cut-off in Trumbull county of St.Rt.88, again this may not be a newsworthy flash to some. Many landowners attended, more than expected according again to a source at ALOV, and signed up their acreage.

Now heres the news, ALOV has agreed to start a "Waiting List" of still more interested parties from areas north of St.Rt.88. If you call them with name, address and phone number they will put you on the list, and depending on level of interest, they may choose to represent us as a group in a similiar fashion, with the same or even better terms to Chesapeake, or another interested party.

So call up ALOV, their number is listed on their site , and ask to be included in their next go around. From where i stand why re-invent the wheel, they already have done the groundwork and have the attention of the industry on favorable terms, lets ask them to either start another "Pool" to include us, or come work with us to the same end.

If you have information to share, please join in the discussion, Thanks 

 Hello again to all my fellow Utica Shale Owners. I Just stopped in to ask if there were any who signed with BP from the ALOV Northern Trumbull county group, that resulted from these efforts, still around.

Has anyone had any conversations/correspondence from BP concerning title defects, or other issues that would delay payment or affect your lease, or gotten a check for Bonus money? 


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Well said, James.  We each make our own decisions based on our life path and I can't stand whiners.  If a landowner didn't like the offer that was presented to us, there was no one there with a gun to our head at the meeting.  Sure, there are some things I didn't like, but for the most part I think our lease is pretty darn good.  I guess I just look at things from a "glass half full" kind of mentality.  I am thankful for the time and effort the people at ALOV put in to helping us out.  I know I didn't have the time or expertise to do it.  That being said....come on FedEX!


I just have to crack me up- "Come on Fed Ex!" I'm in the same boat (as are many others) but its amusing to see your comments because I feel exactly the same way! Thank you :)

I just call them as I see them!  Us poor horse people are always trying to figure out how to keep the boat afloat so this money is a welcome event (if it ever gets here)!

I second Debby's comment.  Well said James.

I ordered some tractor parts online and had them purposely delivered fedex. My wife took a picture of the truck when it pulled in the driveway and sent it to me in a text saying look who's here. The next text wasn't very nice. I didn't know she could cuss like that.

Thats funny....However BP aint funny taking there time.

Never underestimate the knowledge of a woman!  By the way...that was a pretty mean joke to pull on your wife!

Passed a FedEx Home Delivery truck yesterday on my road, on my way home from IGA.  Is that the correct FedEx van we should be seeing?  Just curious.

That is the information so far.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!  Also...check your screen doors because some people have also found them in doors they don't use.  The FedEx driver just opened the door and put the envelope in between the screen door and inside door.

I understood it was FedEx Express, but I don't know for sure. I doubt the home delivery vans would be the ones.

Hello Karen and all my fellow shale landowners,

Karen, of course i had no intention of making you feel unwelcome and were all here to help as we are able. I really wasn't directing my comment to anyone specifically, just the general tone the conversation on this and many other threads on this forum have been taking lately.

I have stated over and over i am very gratefull to ALOV and believe the work they have done over the past year and a half or so, has lead the way for landowner groups and i have great faith in the premise that a well run group with a plan, and an able leader can make all the difference in the leasing process.

I will also say this, a very confident, charismatic, logical and reasonable leader is a must for  a successful outcome. The negotiation process is not an easy one, these are deals with a lot of zero's in the number, and operating at that level takes a certain kind of person. A group can be well intentioned and educated on the subject and still never lead you to a good outcome, choose carefully.

I have recomended the works of Rural Action, our friend Suzie Rankis, and their landowner toolkit, as a starting point for ALL landowners wishing to know more about the whole Shale play and the process of leasing. They have no skin in the game of getting you leased, its purely educational and an excellent resource. If you can't reach them pm me and i can send you my copy of their toolkit CD.

I am very happy with the deal struck with BP overall, sure more money was justified in my opinion, a higher royalty as well, and certainly i would have liked a few clauses to be slanted more in our favor. But, my circumstances dictated a decision had to be made and a deal done, time was not on my side.

Remember this final word, if you will;

Millions of years ago when this area was under a prehistoric ocean, there were no state or county lines drawn. The sediments were lain down in a fairly uniform manner with deviations in thickness based on then underlying structure and the action of the tides, waves, rivers, and weather conditions, just as they are now. The potential energy is under a very large region of our tri-state area, with certain characteristics ( wet gas, dry gas, oil, etc.) based on depth and thickness, leading to thermal maturity zones. The Oil and Gas exploration companys will eventually want almost all of the formation to be available for exploitation, sooner or later. If you own it now you may wish to hang on to it if you can and sooner or later you will get that knock on your door, then the ball will be in your court. As always i wish the best of luck and good fortune to all.



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