Hoping to take some pictures of a rig set up in next few days.  Anyone know of a good location to do so?


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I'd rather take the pictures myself if at all possible.  Just looking for some current activity so I don't have to drive all over the state of PA....

Adam, Baker-Hughes has an interactive map of all the rigs currently drilling in the US.

  This might be of some help. At least let you know what is near you.

  When visiting, remember be safe. Park away from the roads used for trucks entering or leaving location and it might be wise to check in with the well site supervisor if your doing more than shots from a public road. Most sites have security now and someone at the gate should be able to direct you to the Company Mans Shack.

  Please don't go wandering around the edges of the pad unannounced. Many times when this sort of activity is seen, especially lately, the common response is a call to the PA State Police. If you know the landowner, you stand a real good chance of actually getting a tour of the site as he usually knows the site supervisor, a number of times I have known them to become hunting and fishing buddies!

  Hope this helps.


The Burleigh well is a couple of hundred feet off Route 6 about 4 miles west of Wyalusing and just east of the junction with Route 409 and the Marie Antoinette overlook.  The rig was up and running a couple of days ago and I assume it is still there.
There is a Nomac rig drilling by the Wyoming County fairgrounds, just off rt6 near Meshoppen,Pa.

Ross, I found your link not to work.

Maybe this one will for the ones wanting to see;



Thanks for checking it Larry. Don't know why my link didn't do it but yours does the trick.

(But you knew that already, didn't you?!)  :)



Good info is worth the time to make it availabe for all to see. I was just a helping hand.

Thanks for your post.

Glad mine worked.:)


Rt 249 in PA - from Rt 49 (can access of Rt 15) toward Elkland, pass through next town, Knoxville, then about 3 miles there will be left hand turn for Rt 249 which goes to Rt 287.  About 3-5 miles down that road on the left hand sight is a huge set up.   But haven't seen any rigs in the air, just lots of tanks, trucks, lights, and the such.  They are just beginning to set up I think.

Thanks much.  I didn't see anything close by so I put on my PPE and went onsite to a couple of EOG pads and they were nice enough to allow some pics.   I'll be heading to Europe next week and these will be great for educating the stakeholders on the best practices of shale gas exploration and production.




Where are the EOG pads?
If you want one in the process go up to the E..Hill or the Cherry Flats road to Wellsboro.


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