We were just approached about leasing in our land again. We are in Stark county. Anyone else?

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Increased interest in leasing in Tuscarawas County, York and Goshen Townships.

what township in stark county? 


When searching the recorders office it looks to be a few new leases and amendments to old leases  I see  from EOG & RESERVE ENERGY EXPLORATION COMPANY & R & S OPERATING LLC.     It seems like everyone is pretty secretive at this time on what they are getting paid for the upfront bonus and what royalty percentage.  I don't live in that area but that's what i get chatting with a few of my customers 

Thank you, 

Memorandum's are where the oil and gas company's hide the lease info.

where would I find the memorandum's? I am not sure what that is. I appreciate your help

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thank you, I can get in, I was just wondering where the memorandum part is. 

Once you put in your name or parcel number it will bring up multiple columns of information. Under the "Document Type" column you will see " Deeds", "Transfers", "Releases" etc. and "Memorandum Lease" (IF THERE IS A LEASE FOR THAT PROPERTY). Just click on the Memorandum Lease for the info.  There is not much info on a Memorandum Lease only who it is between and when and how long it is in force. It also includes the parcel number. There is NO mention of bonus or royalty or lease details because as paleface said the O&G company does not want lease specifics open to the public.

I think what was being implied was the leases are being filed are actually just a memorandum of lease. It won’t show bonus money or royalty %, it just gives notice that the company has a lease
dott. what where is this info you referring to?


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