Anyone in Osnaburg Township / Stark County getting interest again?

We live in Osnaburg Township and have been approached by a company. Didn't know if anyone else has any info?

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Paris Township here and have offers as well.

I have land in Osnaburg w/o lease and have received several calls.   Latest from  Haggard Land Co  but they won't divulge who they're working for and their offer is meager. Who have you heard from? 

we were approached by Reserve Energy, and as you said, Meager offer. I am curious though, what did you mean by who ther're working for? We never asked that. Want to learn as much as I can about what to ask.  

I am not familiar with any of these companies but have my own experience to share when Producers were interested in leasing my acres. Example: Company A and  Company B find out that a Producer is interested in an area to drill.  Company A then contacts  landowners in advance to buy your minerals at low prices then later leases the acres to the Producers. Company B will offer to lease your acres again at low prices and then flips it to the Producer at a premium. Usually these companies are LLC's and not Producers. Either way you lose out. They do this because they know  they will make much more money on either selling later or collecting royalties over the life of the wells. Never sell your minerals.  If you are getting calls and letters something may be about to happen in your area within the next year.  Do a bit of research and find out who may be planning to drill the area. Contact them. Many times it's a Producer who drilled a nearby Well.

There are producers who drill and operate wells and landmen who secure leases to combine enough acreage to drill a well.  The landmen are of 2 types; some work for the producers and others work on their own behalf to get leases and sell them to producers.   You can usually tell by finding their website and reading it.  The producers will brag about how many basins they utilize and how many wells and acres they own. The landmen do not. The common producers in Ohio are EAP, EOG, ASCENT and others. There are many landmen operating here. I've dealt with 3 or 4 this year.  Haggard is a big one that is from Oklahoma.  Usually you are better off dealing with the producer, but Cash is cash , and I have had a producer this year who would not match a landmans offer.

I would like to know who else is pursuing leases in Osnaburg and Paris Twp in Stark County.

I've seen leases  for ironhead, del rio, I think haggard was leasing for TEXOH, then Widespread resources was trying to secure leases. In paris township it looks like the next well might be an EAP, with the pad somewhere outside of rt 30/bayard and ending up by crowl road. I've seen some pipeline agreements on the Columbiana recorder site listed as the new franklin pipeline, but I haven't seen where is crosses into or how close to the Paris twp., stark county area. 


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