I'm glad that I'm using an attorney to handle my 'business', it makes it so much easier and professional. I'm sure that there have been many of you that had a bad experience with one, but the firm I've chosen has been great to me. I'm kept well informed and I like the way they negotiate for me. At the beginning, I thought I could handle it all myself, but it's too complicated without legal help. You will get way more money negotiating through an attorney then by yourself. 

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    Have you paid them yet?

Did you sign one of those Retainer & Contingency Fee Contracts that I saw recently that gave the lawyers  33% Gross then 40% Gross if there was a need to go to court again?

Was there an end date to the contract, or does it go on to your heirs?

Did you give Power Of Attorney due to the wording without the contract using the term "Power Of Attorney" allowing them to accept any deal they come up with by signing your name for you?

Will the attorneys sign your checks then take their share and give you a little something?

Let us know how this deal turns out Zack. I've yet to hear a US Citizen say they were happy with their lawyers results. In fact, I've never heard of anyone that wasn't sold out.

I already finished one deal and was quite pleased. I was paid very quickly. I had the final decision on the deal and no checks were cashed without me signing them first. The law firm I chose is very respected. I'm happy with them. They are only representing me on pipeline negotiations. There are many landowners in the group represented by this firm. I couldn't imagine a landowner handling these contract negotiations all alone. That's what the landman thrive on and try to take advantage of...when the landowner goes at it without legal representation.

Hi Zack,  Could you maybe give me a hint of your lawyer's name?  thanks


    You are the first person I know of (not personally, on social media only) that has not been taken by his lawyer.

I agree that no landowner should sign a document related to O&G without an attorney.

As a reminder "Everything is Negotiable" so if you can't get a square deal from a lawyer, you need to get 2 more estimates, then 2 more if you don;t want to be taken advantage of.

You can punch in the name of your lawyer or a prospective lawyer out  and check him out.  Like his education, specialty, age and other facts to get a better idea of what experience  he or she has.

 Bill L.

Ya Killing Me :)

That's all I hear on this site is get an attorney...now nobody wants to use one. Go figure!!!!

Wonder why ? ?

Did anyone ever look for one who doesn't just specialize in matters of oil and gas ? ?

If anyone ever does I don't think they'll ever find one myself.

One would think all lawyers would know the difference between what's legal and illegal as well as understand the legalese.

That's another facet of all of this that's been puzzling to me.


Joseph, good question. It is important to use an attorney that specializes in oil and gas, as opposed to a general practitioner, because this is complicated stuff and you want an expert. It is not simply a matter of what is legal or illegal - but what is in the best interest of the client? What clauses can be added to better protect the client? What does all the legalese mean? Just like you wouldn't want your internal medicine doctor doing your heart surgery, you don't want your family, criminal, estate planning, etc. attorney negotiating your oil and gas agreements.

Check out Ron Hale's last couple of replies to Zack (a few replies above) and you'll probably catch my drift regarding why I asked.

Reading reports like that could tend to lead an individual to think there may be some 'railroading' going on within the marketplace / industry - you know what I mean ? ?


I've noticed one thing, some attorneys want to use the "straight as an arrow" approach in negotiations with these companies...and they can't do that. Do the oil/gas companies bargain fairly with the landowner? Hell no they don't. Some lawyers want to finish the "case" very quickly, while holding out would get the landowner much more money.

Zack Jameson, tried sending you a friend request but it looks like it didn't go through. Would you friend me so I can ask you some things about pipeline row.? I'm going through this now but attorney wants over 12,000.00 to handle case. Trying to go through contract myself and only pay attorney for review and comments as needed. Thanks, Robert (Bob) Allingham.


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