Hi All,

Nexus pipeline went through my family farm last year.

A landman from Aspire Energy knocked on our door.

They want to put a gathering station next to the pipeline.

Of course, they need an easement to do this.  Area needed

is 100 feet wide by 150 feet long.  All above ground equipment

and fenced off.  

Anyone have any knowledge of price compensation for this type of 


Appreciate any input.


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     Jeff Rokisky & Associates, licensed in Ohio and WV and located in several offices (Weirton & Wheeling WV) would know how much to charge. They have been talking about Oil & Gas since the boom started, and might still be doing their show "Senior Living Today: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPAqkmwT8pMpLCGdm16xCgQ

on Sundays, dealing with O&G and Retirements. Too bad the two topics have not been related, but they soon will be.  Website  http://www.rokiskylaw.com/our-locations/

Greg Brunton was sharp in the area of Right Of Ways when I talked to him in 2013:  https://www.grsm.com/lawyers/g/gregory-d-brunton

Don't forget, You will have to sign 6 times on an attachment, so don't sign a contract then find out you are forced to sign the other six lines on the Attachment.

Ohio Revised Code "Deception in Writings" applies so make sure you write down what is promised to You in case You encounter fraud later.

Verbal Contracts are legal in Ohio, so make sure the written document contains that which You verbally agreed to. My Jefferson County friend got hood winked on a ROW contract due to verbal and written documents being different.

My bet is you won't sign after You pick apart the deal due to being educated by the lawyers. The landman will go elsewhere to the easy target for a signature.

Don't sign anything that deprives you of the laws of Ohio which protect You.

Also, make sure the Gathering lines are far enough away that You can survive a pipe failure.  One of the Tennessee Pipeline ruptures, which I admit is much larger than gathering lines (36 inches from my memory)  melted the siding off of a nearby farmhouse. The I-77 rupture North of Charleston WV would have killed the homeowner if she had been sleeping after she worked night shift at a hospital, but her daughter took her to a Christmas Party which saved her life. The Home burned to the ground along with part of I-77.


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