OKLAHOMA CITY – Police officers confirm that a man killed in a car wreck early Wednesday morning is the former CEO of Chesapeake Aubrey McClendon

On Wednesday, firefighters were called to a car wreck on Midwest Blvd., between Memorial and 122nd St.

Officials say one person died at the scene when the vehicle hit a bridge in the area.

Photo from Midwest Blvd. accident

Photo from Midwest Blvd. accident

On Wednesday afternoon, KFOR learned that the driver of that vehicle was Aubrey McClendon, the former CEO of Chesapeake.

Officials with the Oklahoma City Police Department held a news conference on Wednesday afternoon, confirming the fatality is McClendon.

Capt.  Paco Balderrama says police are still investigating the crash, but added that he was traveling at a “high rate of speed,” well over the posted speed limit.

fatal crash

Balderrama says McClendon died instantly from the crash. After that, the 2013 Chevy Tahoe caught fire.

“He pretty much drove straight into the wall,” Balderrama said. “The information out there at the scene is that he went left of center, went through a grassy area right before colliding into the embankment. There was plenty of opportunity for him to correct and get back on the roadway and that didn’t occur.”

The accident occurred less than 24 hours after McClendon was indicted by a federal grand jury.

Aubrey McClendon

Aubrey McClendon

McClendon, 56, retired from Chesapeake in 2013 and became the CEO of American Energy Partners.

“It is with deep sadness that AELP confirms that earlier today, its founder, Aubrey K. McClendon died in a car accident on Midwest Boulevard in Oklahoma City. Aubrey’s tremendous leadership, vision, and passion for the energy industry had an impact on the community, the country, and the world. We are tremendously proud of his legacy and will continue to work hard to live up to the unmatched standards he set for excellence and integrity. We will deeply mourn his loss and please join us in expressing our condolences to his family,” a statement from American Energy Partners read.

McClendon was also a partial owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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Very sad

I have only  slight more empathy for him than I do for Bernie Madoff.


Karma is a bi@%h but sorry any one dies

It does look like a very suspicious accident, A high rate of speed and a "BEE LINE" straight into that bridge.

Bill L

Maybe he blacked out,maybe he was drugged? I hope they do an autopsy. Maybe he knew secrets that would be soon coming to light ,now that he was going to federal court. When you talk about people in high places,with billions of dollars being shuffled around,who knows what people are capable of. I cant see him just committing suicide. Oklahoma City will truly miss him.

I don't know the background of the guy or the story, but I agree with you completely. There'd BETTER be a full investigation on this one. It's a totally illogical way to commit suicide, though I've never been at that level of desperation to know. Seems like a high failure rate to off oneself given the way they make cars today.

Condolences to the family, as if they read this.

Wow! That is not what I would wish for anyone. May God have mercy.


Prayers for his family and friends.

I feel for his family and close friends, those who knew the side of him no one else could have. I hope he was saved...... Some one will fill the void.....  

Did more for the people of south eastern Ohio then any politican in  the last thirty years.

Some say,without him,there would not have been a shale oil boom.


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