Need to know any info on Carizzo that anyone has had dealing with them they are offering to lease our land for $5500 and 20% for 5yrs already got burned by Shell, so need any info good or bad! Thanks!!

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those are good numbers


I hope Carizzo is good because these numbers are pretty great!

Just remember to get a solid lease and have your attorney check it!

You know all of the clauses to be included right?

You can't be too careful.

Good luck!

CHERRYPICKERS. but if they want your land, you be good.

I should include that Carrizo is a producer and if you are in their footprint you will more than likely get developed more quickly than say a Chesapeake. If you are outside the footprint then more than likely you will get traded to the party that plans to drill the acreage.  Either way it sounds like you are sitting pretty well.


The quality of the offer depends are where you located, the royalty rate, and a whole lot of other addenda. The bonus money is probably the least important thing unless you are in dire financial straights.

I believe she was asking about Carrizo as a company not if her lease is any good.


My sisters have a copy of the lease they are offering i havent seen it yet, and yes i wanted to know if they are paying and drilling and if anyone has dealt with them,we only have 5.010 acres in Madison township Guernsey county, i have a lease from Shell that was done with an attorney and its a good lease, so i can can compare it to that and i have learned enough from here to have an attorney check it! And yes that is 500 more an acre than Shell offered, but they let the bank draft expire! And they did send us a letter of offering we didnt go to them! Thanks guys!!

Great Dea!!  Jump on it and get the money ASAP!!

good offer. We signed with Carrizo 4yrs ago. Never drilled and the wells that they are drilling are vertical Not horizontal. Other companies are all drilling horizontal with 5 to 7 wells on each pad. They only drill one vertical to hold by production.

Oh well that dont sound too good!!!!


Have you spoken with gulfport? They are in your area and drilling the best wells in the utica to date. Carrizo has not drilled a single well yet...

No i have not Carrizo contacted us,should i contact Gulfport?


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