Commentary: Interior leadership and Biden on Climate Change security Dr. Dan FineSpecial to the Daily Times

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"With the Department of Interior under the leadership of Interior secretary nominee Deb Haaland, the Biden Administration would open the way towards energy and climate. No longer would federal land and its uses be separate from social and cultural considerations of climate and its change.

Change is not narrowly defined as “global warming.” It is set in such policy terms as “security.” 

What have the California forest fires in common with the Texas polar freeze? 

A pandemic-surviving population sees and fears “security” or systemic change in climate. It was also distressed that the price of San Juan natural gas increased from $2.00 to $100.00 overnight in reaction to the Texas grid power failure and ban on its natural gas production export to Mexico and other states.

Daniel Fine

So far, President Biden is pursuing a strategy to remove carbon from oil and gas by limiting its production. This could remove 40% in transportation by cars and trucks

Not so easy as Bill Gates says. Yet the electric and hydrogen displacement of the combustion engine is folded into a minimum 1.6 trillion dollar infrastructure investment which changes all the spread sheets in business capital spending."

As this Administration puts values before transactions (Trump) to restore American leadership of globalization among European powers, it must recognize Europe on energy and climate: all renewable as opposed to petroleum in transportation technology in five or six years. By rules and laws from EU Government?  Yes.

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Windmills ? Ha only produce 50% of the time !!! 


Solar ??? What about cloudy stormy weather ??? Batteries ??? Funny !!! 

 What is the carbon footprint of Bidens 'carbon man " John Kerry ????? 

 The elite will continue to live their CARBON DENSE lives in huge houses , private planes , all while telling us peons how to live .......

 Hypocrisy is running amuck in Washington these days !!!!!!! 

The "green revolution ' poses many environmental hazards ... From the LA Times on Rare Earth mining ...

The results are jarring: In mineral-rich regions of China, poisoned water and soil have caused abnormal disease rates in “cancer villages” from which impoverished residents cannot afford to move. Crops and animals have died around a crusty lake of radioactive black sludge formed from mining waste near a major mining site in Baotou, Inner Mongolia. It’s so large that it is visible by satellite

Back thru the ages of the human specie there have always been one individual that other members of a group have looked up to.  Some of them actually had a solution to a serious problem all were faced with.  And he or she was glad to solve that problem and did not demand some sort of payment from the other folks.  Unfortunetly there were other folks who pretended to have the answer or solution and demanded a huge payment before giving anything.  As likely as not it was only a farce. They had nothing but hot air!   But then it was often too late to back away from the choice that was made.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Once in awhile someone would come along with a real solution and only wanted to be recognized for his or her efforts.  And everyone benefits!  Right now the human specie seems to be in limbo. And trying to find a solution for everyone.

They demand that we MUST believe in 'science " !!!!!!


First they told us NOT to wear a mask , now they demand we wear TWO masks !!!!


They told us to WASH our hands to prevent Covid , now 'science' says its very difficult to get covid from touching surfaces.... Washing hands is ineffective !!!!!!!

ˇhey tell us to take the Covid vaccine , its 'safe' .... Why then did they WAIVER any and all potential Lawsuits over ill effects of the vaccine ??????


Now 'science ' tells us we MUST believe in Windmills !!!!!!!!!!!!   Windmills will BANKRUPT America if deployed on a grand scale .......

NY Gov Cuomo was the HERO of the media .... He cashed out on a book , won an Emmy all based on lies !!!!!!!!Cuomo and his 'team of scientist ' killed more folks than anywhere else !!!!!


Cuomo told us we MUST believe in 'science ' 

Exactly so!  We need to consider what our leaders are telling us. And often they do not have all the true facts  of a situation.  Science is actual the study of natural occurences.  Folks wonder why things happen as they do.  Other folks make a study of  whatever the subject might be.  Certain facts governing a subject will stand out as being non deniable  and always seem to hold true.  But then under certain other conditions, it might be found that what was true today may not be true tomorrow.                                                                                                                                                      Life is a series of choices and lessons that must be learned to survive!  And a little bit of  just being lucky of the choices being made helps too.                                              Granddad Ladd

Mr Ladd's favorite party wishes to end fracking ... Meanwhile 

An American Petroleum Institute study shows the oil and gas industry contributes $34.7 billion to Pennsylvania’s economy, with more than 1,347 businesses spread across the entire state as part of the larger supply chain. Pennsylvania would lose as many as 600,000 jobs if fracking is banned — and the state GDP would take a $261 billion hit, according to a report from the US Chamber of Commerce

Thank you Ralph. Glad to see you replied with some good information for a change!     Granddad Ladd


Mr Ladd your vote for Mr Biden seems to be hypocritical to you accepting $$$$ for Nat Gas Corps .....

 Biden is trying his best to put a hurt on the workers in the oil/gas sector ......

Oh my dear Ralph, You are just ASSUMING THAT I VOTED FOR BIDEN!   You really have no idea whom I voted for, do you?  We all know that your licking your wounds because the person you voted for, if you even are old enough to vote in the first place,   lost the election.   

Mr Ladd bashing of the former Pres speaks volumes ... Welcome to the ANTI drilling / fracking era .... I am sure your local residents who wish to have their properties included in drilling, are thrilled with support of anti fracking activists ...... 

 When will  you return the money fracking outfits paid you ??????? 

Seems from reading your posts that you might be somewhat bitter that you didn't make MORE money from the development of your property ..... While my property in Lindley and my rights have been denied by a Democrat controlled NY ... I say cut off ALL supplies of Nat GAs to NY , let them beg for relief !!!! 


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