CONSERVATIVE VS. LIBERAL What it means for Gas and Oil / Energy Independance

Right now we still have a war going on inside our government.... Republicans vs. Democrats, Liberals vs. Conservatives... Media melt downs and hate filled lies and exaggerations about our duly elected POTUS.... Keep in mind this man, Donald J. Trump won the election in a land slide! The people have spoken but there are those who refuse to except that fact and have vowed to resist his authority. The liberal Democrats refuse to cooperate with the Republican House, Senate, and White house to get the smallest of things done, a simple budget deal to avoid a gov. shutdown hangs in the balance to further the Dems. political agenda, Daca...... The Liberal mainstream media continues its relentless attacks on this President reporting 90% negative stories and ignoring the great accomplishments that have been made in the last year.

I want to focus on the U.S. Energy sector.... It's booming! Oil and Gas is expanding and the coal miners are working, more good paying jobs are out there and more Americans are working and making a good living thanks to our conservative majority and POTUS! Do you think all these good things would be happening had the Liberals won? NOT! The new tax cuts would have never happened which would mean no growth, no change, no new (good) jobs, coal miners devastated, oil and gas exploration put on hold due to tougher regulations, our enemies would be getting stronger while our military is neglected and weakened! These are the facts everyone..... Even though our POTUS sometimes uses colorful language and mis- speaks and tweets a little too much he is still the best man for the job. The press doesn't report on all the good things he does but nit picks and foments hatred toward him in the hopes of destroying his Presidency. So ask your self "whose side am I on?" Do I want this country to be great again and lead the free world with strength and prosperity or do I want the same old Shit the Liberal left would impose on the working middle class like the last 8 years of Barrack Hussein Obama, (sounds like a good muslim name to me.) Remember when Obama went to the U.N. and apologized for our country being too prosperous? All the regulations imposed on the energy sector, and the lax border control which led to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border bringing with them minor children who no fault of their own are here now against the law. All I say now is I will campaign for the conservative candidates who are on the Presidents side and want to make America Great Again! It's a "No Brainer"!   

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‘some of us on GMS are gun carying, all in on all forms of energy for a strong and productive country liberals that vote for who we see as the best candidate for office, not the color of their jacket.  You should ask yourself what do we have in common before slandering all.  Not that I would have voted for Bernie but he is the only candidate for President that has had the same message, like it or not, for more than 3 decades.  Trump was a pro abortion Democrat just a few years ago.  Obama deported more undocumented aliens than any other president in history.  Like our President or not, every American should back them.  That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t stand up and voice their opposition to their policies if that’s what they believe.  I have met Trump.  He can be most gracious and considerate.  He can certainly act that way in public and still move his agendas forward.  


Sorry Dan if I offended you or any other liberals here but what I said was what I believe and not meant for slander because slander is lying about a person or group to damage them in some way. My message is that the majority of liberals stand for what Hilliary and Bernie believe in, open borders, strict gun control, tax payer funded abortion, unnecessary choking regulations, putting coal miners out of work, big government, high taxes, gay marriage, reduced religious liberties, and many other issues that the majority of conservatives disagree with, myself included.  

I understand Lance,

i beleive the majority of Liberals & Conservatives in power do what they do to divide us and fester hatred & prejudice so they can implement legislation to line their pockets.  This is why both parties looked the other way when they saw Russia posting fake news on religious disharmony, prejudice, etc.  They were getting their dirty work accomplished for them.  It is much harder to keep us under their thumb if we all get along.  Easier to control smaller groups separately.  Here on GMS we need to especially pay attention when Russia and OPEC nations fund anti fossil fuel groups and movies.  A united America is the strongest.

Agreed William but, what he actually said, if he said it, "shit hole country" in my opinion is not a racist statement, he did not refer to the color of a persons skin. And he was absolutely right.... there really are shit hole countries who send us their ejects and we welcome them with open arms, stupidity. You don't have to like the man just try to understand what he is up against and how the Dems hate him and want him out. Why? Because he stands for the people not the politicians....he stands for the values that made our country great not the progressive reforms that the left want to change our country into a socialist nation. The democrats would ruin our way of life if left unchecked. Obuma was proof of that.... 

If people from ANY country wants to come here to live, they need to be informed that they will be required to get a job!  Don't be a burden to us tax payers.  Buy your own food, pay for your own utilities ,pay your own for your schooling/training. If they cant do that, they might as well not come. AS of late, under the past administrations,they could  come and get all that for FREE! Regardless of color,or nationality, it should be simple; plan on getting a job,paying your own way, or come rich,I guess is another option.

"Shit hole country" is only the last of the nasty comments that was made.  Negative people tend to put other folks down whenever they do not agree with their own thoughts. In other words, (As long as you agree with me, we will be friends!)  Trump seems to think that no other person has a clue of how the entire population of the earth should behave!

That kind of thinking is what dictators try to use to control their countrymen. Oh sure such a person might make be able to make right some of the wrongs of earlier leaders. And once they gain control of influential folks then comes laws that crush the every day freedoms  of the common people. Well we will see if everyone is happy with him in three more years, wont we?


Good to see you posting. Hope all is well.

Focusing a bit on only a TINY part of the massive economic ripple effect the Shale Revolution is having on the Appalachian Basin area ...

First aluminum smelter in the US in almost 40 years just breaking ground outside of Ashland, KY. 550 high paid CAREER jobs will be created by this one plant with many follow on effects downstream.

Notorious Foxconn building $6 billion manufacturing plant near Milwaukee due to low cost feedstock (NGLs from your area) and ultra low electricity prices.

25 huge CCGT power plants being built in the PA/OH region using AB gas to produce the lowest cost - 6 to 8 cents per kilowatt hour - electricity on the planet.

Manufacturers from Europe, Asia, Australia are in the process of, or contemplating moving into your region.

Pittsburgh - and Allegheny county - can offer world class amenities, state of the art schools (like tiny Watford and Williston, North Dakota just provided for their kids. Check the Google images for what YOU can do for your youth), well paid staff for a wide array of services ...IF you collectively recognize you are sitting atop the biggest hydrocarbon resource on the planet and DEVELOP it!!

Awesome info! Thank You Coffeeguyzz! My lease was extended last year with Accent and I am in a unit not yet drilled but this is very welcome news about all the jobs and low electricity prices. I just converted my home heat to propane in hopes of saving some $$$ before I was paying 600 a month electric bills in the winter months. I know that construction will begin soon on a gas fired power plant just south of me. Who woulda thought all this would happen 10 years ago? What a blessing? And now to have a man like D.J.T. running our country, a double blessing! My friends who have 401 ks are smiling all the way to the bank! Now all we have to do to keep this boom going is the campaign for the conservative candidates in the mid-terms so the liberals don't gain control of the House or Senate or all this prosperity will go away....  

In my view, the argument is really freedom vs. socialism.  The hysterical, out of power left clearly sees the Obama, socialist transformation of America going up in smoke. (Pun fully intended) The EPA has truly harmed our quality of life and has ironically PREVENTED the private sector from developing and instituting the effective means of controlling the harmful effects of industry on the environment. The EPA has not functioned to work with industry, but to destroy it. The Obama administration sought to weaponized as many branches of government as possible. That is the socialist way. They had no interest in working for American citizens but only worked to amass more power and keep it. Thank God that Trump blew it up. Had Hilliar been elected the destruction of America would still be continuing. Haiti has a long history of social destruction brought on by the greedy left. Little wonder the left and the press (sorry to be redundant) are so quick to defend her. If you want to see where they would lead America, look to Haiti.

Well said Brett !

Seems odd that whatsisname has been leader for only one year and now the government is shut down!  What does he have in store for his second year?

A really great leader would be able to find a way to bring everyone together close enough and avoid this serious problem! 

Get off of the pot or do something! 

Has this man ever had to do any real manual labor where he is raising blisters on his hands? Or dog tired at the end of the day?

I assume your comments also transfer to the our leader during the 2013 shutdown that lasted over two weeks,


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