I believe that we will be going through a few tough quarters economically. However, certain news media are trying to blame Trump and make this pandemic a political football. The virus began in Wuhan Province in China. They experiment with biological virus and bacteria from tortured animals. China said that the coronavirus could not be transmitted from person to person and the Province held their annual festival late last year where millions of people attended. The attendees traveled all over the world while the World Health Organization listened to China`s BS. The U.S. gave over $800 Billion  to the WHO while China gave less than 10% and China is trying to say that our military started this Pandemic. Trump cut the WHO funding, NAFTA, Paris Accord ( which would really hurt Oil and Gas), and tariffed the hell out of Iran after ripping up the Iran Agreement. We would never know how corrupt our government became if it was not for Trump i.e. Washington, the Lobbyists, FBI, CIA, Dept. of Justice, and all of the political appointees from previous administrations. We lose 20,000 to 60,000 people a year to flu season but now we have an economy that was booming 5 months ago and is now crippled. Humans have to be exposed to the antigen (virus) for the body to build an antibody. The people that can`t will need a vaccine or a ventilator. This Pandemic crippled Oil and Gas because no one is traveling. Wonder if Trump`s health advisors are keeping a tally on lost lives because of the misery, lost jobs, decimated retirements, and depression that is the result of shutting down the economy. LETS GET BACK TO WORK !!

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Well said George!!

Makes total sense, well written and true.

I heard it called a "SCAMDEMIC"

The conspiracy theorists are having fun with this one, so many choices, so little time. Is it a true 'pandemic' naturally occurring in Nature, or a manmade 'terror' unleashed on the world's population by some unscrupulous world actor? Or...just another flu, magnified to a level of unspeakable terror by those shady characters with ulterior motives, aided by the main stream media? Hmmmm….I wonder.....

We may never know, but what I find dispiriting is all the mis-information at a time when we need real transparency, things like true stats from China, real numbers of US deaths CAUSED by COVID-19 (not occurring WITH it) and an honest accounting of alternative treatments.

In total, this seems to be a turn to the worse for Freedom and self determination of those of us in the USA, and democracies everywhere. 

I fear we are in for a rough patch, seeing individual liberties being constantly threatened in the future, both near and long term. Not good.

I am with George and others...end the Lockdown!

End the lockdown but be sure not do it too soon!  Granddad Ladd

I would like to get back to work, but I don't want to do it at the expense of many lives lost to this virus.  To all the people posting here, if this started killing your friends and relatives, even one of them, I suspect many of you would change your tunes.  Things have not been so bad for most of the country so far, but if everything was functioning normally who knows how bad it could get.  I don't know what the answer is, but I don't think the answer is to completely ignore the examples we have in China and Italy that show how bad it could get...

Is it possible that SHYSTER DOCTORS are signing death certificates, stating that Covid -19 is the cause of death? And if so what would be their motive? 

Certainly the shut down in most of the states have a disastorus   effect on the economy.. Is it a huge Rumor perpetrated by some world leader or not? Each winter the flu is often prevalent. Not an unusual event. or is it the result of too many research labs putting out too many medications that has finally caused the flu bug to somehow counteract those meds to the point that Covid-19 can now rapidly expand it's effect?   Just a thought that crossed my mind.

Granddad Ladd

Certainly it is not a great idea to ignore China and Italy's examples G.H.  To do so would be foolhardy.  Best not to chance something like this  pandemic.  Testing needs to be done to prove that it is reasonably safe to return to work.  But if it is proven to be a ploy to attempt to win votes for anyone, …...Well a life sentence at hard labor with no chance of parole would not be too harsh. 

Why do I say that?

Because millions of lives have been disrupted and likely destroyed.  The perpatrator  of such a farce could never repay the damage he has done.

Granddad Ladd

Pandemics happen.  It’s not if, it’s when.  Wether it came from a bat or rat or was accidentally released from a lab is irrelevant.  Prior to 911 any of us could order Anthrax thru the mail just by saying we want it to study it.  In 1918 St Louis closed down crowded businesses and practiced social distancing 2 weeks before Philly did during the progression of the virus thru the country.  They had less than 1/2 the death rate of Philly.  They opened back up a bit to early and got hit with a 2nd wave.  Near the end of the pandemic San Francisco thought it was gone and everybody threw away their masks and partied in the streets. Within a few weeks 2000 more died.  This is a new Virus and everybody is learning about it as it sweeps across the world but history already detailed how to deal with it.  We knew it was coming and waited weeks to react.  If our genius leaders did what history already told them to do instead of worrying about politics and blame and did what the swamp experts said, the damage to our country would be a fraction of what is happening now.  We have tools available to us today that weren’t available in the past, mainly testing so we could have isolated many more infected people and their contacts. We still aren’t doing that.  At this point in time we should have already harnessed every available method to manufacture and distribute antibody tests so we could already have everybody with antibodies working.  We are very lucky that the virus appears to be mutating extremely slow.  Of coarse it could mutate into a harmless virus with daffodils and warm weather as the leader of the free world blew smoke up our a$$e$ telling us 15 infections would soon be near zero but the longer we let it linger it can start mutating and then if a vaccine gets developed it would be useless along with the little bit of testing we our currently doing and we could spend 3 years chasing it until it goes away.  A little bit of truth and action a little bit earlier would have gone a long way to minimize the fear mongering that has devastated our economy.   56% of the Covid 19 deaths in PA are nursing home residents.  If you believe this is a scamdemic you should volunteer at your local nursing home to empty bed pans and scrub up butts.  So if you want O&G prices to rise and our economy to return quit whining and tell your representatives to increase testing and isolation of the infected and get the work done to develop antibody testing so we can get more people back to work sooner.  It doesn’t matter who is in power during tragedy, they will use this as a massive power grab and chip away at our freedoms.  If you think current leadership is any different to bad for you.  Suck up and do your part and demand what is needed to make this go away ASAP.

You make some very good points Dan. We do have excellent communications in this era. Trouble is there is much scamming and fear mongering until the actual truth has been buried. So what can a person believe? He has to rely on his own 'Mind's eye'  and experience with the folks he has dealt with during his lifetime.   We know that all politicians do their best to sway voters to their side of the table, so to speak.  For me, I look at the respect that a person gives to other folks regardless of opposing views. But I do have my own opinions as to what is being said.   Every one makes poor choices during their lifetime.. But each poor choice can be used as an important lesson. Unfortunately some folks never seem to learn a few basic rules. 'LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN!'  to other folks that have had to deal with similar situations.  Often there are folks that are so badly scared or came out of a situation less desirable  then they had hoped for that they cannot make adjustments in their thinking.  Adjustments that the new situation has the need for considering.    Granddad Ladd

Just imagine that YOU were the one making the hard choices when the pandemic first began....politics not considered.

A mental exercise for you-

Pick a country, any one of the European countries, or the US, or Canada.

Be honest and don't rely on your current hindsight information and data to make decisions.

How does one decide to maybe save lives today with certain actions, knowing those actions might cost lives in the future?

If you are honest with yourself, and truly disregard what you know about the virus today...go ahead...see how easy it would be to make those hard choices.

Two references  come to mind...Monday Morning Quarterback and something about "Glass Houses".....

The only choice you have is use the best information that you have. If you have none then all you can do is be really careful and move very slowly. And watch to see if there are any results either positive or negative.  Discard negative results, but depending on the situation, still keep them in mind as they just might be the correct answer next time.   And do not be afraid to ask for advice!   Granddad Ladd


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