I believe that we will be going through a few tough quarters economically. However, certain news media are trying to blame Trump and make this pandemic a political football. The virus began in Wuhan Province in China. They experiment with biological virus and bacteria from tortured animals. China said that the coronavirus could not be transmitted from person to person and the Province held their annual festival late last year where millions of people attended. The attendees traveled all over the world while the World Health Organization listened to China`s BS. The U.S. gave over $800 Billion  to the WHO while China gave less than 10% and China is trying to say that our military started this Pandemic. Trump cut the WHO funding, NAFTA, Paris Accord ( which would really hurt Oil and Gas), and tariffed the hell out of Iran after ripping up the Iran Agreement. We would never know how corrupt our government became if it was not for Trump i.e. Washington, the Lobbyists, FBI, CIA, Dept. of Justice, and all of the political appointees from previous administrations. We lose 20,000 to 60,000 people a year to flu season but now we have an economy that was booming 5 months ago and is now crippled. Humans have to be exposed to the antigen (virus) for the body to build an antibody. The people that can`t will need a vaccine or a ventilator. This Pandemic crippled Oil and Gas because no one is traveling. Wonder if Trump`s health advisors are keeping a tally on lost lives because of the misery, lost jobs, decimated retirements, and depression that is the result of shutting down the economy. LETS GET BACK TO WORK !!

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If your forewarned a pandemic is coming and all you do is stop only some people from the infected area not every single traveler from China
Then you go to India on a self promotion tour and ignore the problem hoping you can lie it away
Well I guess you get to where we are at
42000 dead and the worst economic crisis in the history of the country

My understanding is the later ones coming from China were American citizens and green card holders coming back home. 

A very good assumption ShakeShale.  But what aggravates me is the tendency to the reversing his thoughts and postings constantly. For the average person to have this trait, this seldom matters.  Without question, he has some good ideas. They might need a little "tweeking" to become GREAT ideas. As it is, that trait is really hurting his image.

Granddad Ladd

An After thought.

We all need to use our talents and skills to survive this worldwide situation.  Do not waste time bashing and finding fault!  Use it to plant a garden to supplement your food supply if need be.  Learn about your vehicle. Maybe you can do small repairs yourself. Ask for help from the internet for parts and helpful hints.

There are so many things that you can do to improve your situation.  Do not let someone discourage you or try to insert a sense of paranoia.  Life is much too short and precious to  be constantly afraid of something!

Granddad Ladd 

Necessity is the mother of invention. 

This statement of yours Dan is exactly what I have been trying to say. QUIT BASHING AND FINDING FAULT.  How do these people who tend to find fault and bash explain our transportation system? Instead of walking or riding a horse, Someone looked at the problem and figured  out a better and more comfortable way to travel.  We have electric lights now instead of candles or oil lamps.

Even a dog knows he has to dig out a woodchuck if he wants a good tasty meal.  Barking loudly outside of the woodchuck's den is not going to convince that 'chuck' to offer himself to that dog!

Most folks have the ability to make some sort of effort to improve their situation.   Why not look around to see if there is a better answer to a problem?   Apparently some dumbheads can only find fault and use their brain cells looking for ways to blame others for something that goes wrong.

Granddad Ladd 

I am not a political creature but am somewhat frustrated with the lack of unity in light of the medical and economic plight that we are experiencing. The Governors of each state, along with their advisors, have different versions of how they propose to handle this dilemma. Being a resident of FL and PA, there is a stark difference between the decision making. Gov.Wolf has shut down the entire state and Gov. DeSantis is opening certain sections where appropriate. Case in point, eastern PA is nothing like western PA and should not be treated the same.

Food for thought. I had a couple of medical research laboratories years ago and was involved with research on a molecular level with a team of scientists, doctors, nutritionists, and lab techs. One lab was a nutritional microscopy lab that cross referenced outcomes from a Federally licensed CLEI lab. We could visually see the quality of the various blood components and the effect that various diets and supplements posed on those components. I am currently 73 and do not now or never have used any prescription medication, only food and supplements (some of which I designed). My activity is the same as when I was 50. I say this because for almost a decade, I have been experimenting with Ozone (O3). Ozone is naturally occurring in nature and thank God for it because we would live a very short time without it. Ozone will destroy any and all virus, bacteria, and microbes known to man on this planet. Unfortunately, 99% of doctors are not familiar with O3 because natural remedies are not taught in Med. School. Big Pharma will not touch it either because it is free. I have an Ozone generator in FL and PA and use it before I go into the public and when I return. 

I know that even with a vaccine, the strongest strands of this virus will mutate and come back to us in a different form. Humans have to receive the antigen (virus) or a vaccine so that the body can recognize it and build an antibody. Healthy and most young people will have no problem, older and unhealthy people will have a problem building an antibody and should remain out of the public and may need help if they do venture out. The help may be in the form of an eventual vaccine, a ventilator, or a doctor`s recommendation such as hydroxychloroquine. The government shutdown was needed to see what we are dealing with but my observation is to systematically open business with the young and the healthy(no matter what the age) and the vulnerable be cautious and stay out of the public as much as possible. All the while, everyone should use common sense i.e. social distancing, wash hands often, if you feel good but have sniffles and sneezes...stay home.

Extremely interesting what you are saying here George Aubrey.  My exwife and I raised rabbits for medical research for a few years. I transported the pathogen free rabbits to several different research labs, including the National Institute of Health in Washington DC.    Our rabbits were the original breeding stock for 'Lab Rabs Inc' located near Westfield, Pennsylvania.  My wife continued to work there for many more years after we parted ways. And until 'Lab Rabs'  was sold.   Driving a truck for several hundred miles once weekly, to deliver these rabbits  was more then I was able to handle.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               This was back in the late 1960's and early 1970's.    Granddad Ladd          

A question for you George Aubrey, Can Ozone be produced by discharging a very high voltage in a gap between  two conductors?  Seems like I read that fact many years ago. If this is true then it should be possible to build some sort of machine  that can produce ozone rapidly to use as you described as a way to kill the covid-19 or at least control the rapid spread of it.        Granddad Ladd

Ozone is an oxidizer.  To high of a concentration destroys lung tissue.  Like UV light Ozone is not a catch all.  Yes they will kill virus but they can cause harm.  Our genius president asking his Corona Virus team to look into putting UV light or disinfectants on or in the body has to be the most stupid thing any leader has ever uttered throughout all history.  He is correct it would kill the virus because it would kill the host.  If anyone wants to step up and wage war on the virus you can simply use a bullet or jump of a high building, you don’t have to suck in large amounts of O3 or use a UV light suppository.  Shortly after the host body is dead the virus will no longer replicate and become inactive.  If you want to fight the virus keep your immune system healthy.  

Well Dan, not being a chemist or knowing that much about it, then it being an oxidizer  as you say, then why would Trump be pushing his idea of a cure or medication for ciovid-19?  Maybe suppository only for use on democrats?  HMMMM?                                                                                                                                                But aside from the humor, could not researchers go to work like they do  with other projects to find answers? And would Trump be willing to finance research out of his own pocket  if his loved ones were victims?  Is he in over his head now that corona virus is so prevelent world wide?     Granddad Ladd

I think all the US researchers that Trump hasn't fired yet are still looking for answers.  He may not be able to fund research personally with his debt to the Bank of China coming due.  No worries, there are still some other countries out there that didn’t label their experts, researchers and scientists as deep state enemies and studies are still chugging along. 

Hey Dan did you read where some 'bigwigs'  were worried that some folks were actually thinking about that maybe injecting themselves with disinfectant?   As per Mr 'T'S"  suggestion?  And if someone actually does this and it can be proven that it was done because of Mr 'T'S words...……………… Sarcastic or not!

I wonder how Judge Judy or Perry Mason would handle it?                   Granddad Ladd


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